Ambitions and Dreams

Everything that is related to Ambition is powered by a fuel named desire and wish. Sometimes as a child we often dream that one day we will be able to do what inspires us. Some are born with the talent to get it right from the word go and some make up their way as they grow up. Many times we struggle the hardships and come across challenges that often takes us away from where we wanted to be. To all those wonderful people who may have been discouraged either by their teachers, parents or friends – I must add that never give up what you have wanted to do in life. I have always wanted to be a pilot and path was treacherous often impossible because of monetary involvement. I could have been throwing thousands or even more to do something which I wanted to do but never had the money to do it. Like I said before – Never say Never.

After all these years, things have changed – times have improved but the passion has not died yet. Urge to spread my wings and fly though all I can think of is a small plane because I don’t still stand a chance to be in a fighter jet but definitely in a single seater acrobat stunt plane to test my limits which is what I would eventually like to do. The feeling of whom we are is a big thing to inspire us to achieve all that we want. We do have elements around us which may force us down but the biggest inspiration to you should be yourself. If you do not believe in yourself how do you expect someone to inspire you. So here I am after 18years, endless thoughts, dreams of flying and I have gathered myself together to hunch my path on the ladder of my dreams. Slowly but surely step by step I believe there is a way to your dreams.

Come along, feel the passion and see the flight as we head into our space and spread our wings of being free. Free like a FreeBird in real life.

Along comes the world that we live on …

For more photos, visit my FB page.

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28 comments on “Ambitions and Dreams

  1. The heavens await your ascent
    Soar now and never come down
    What is earth but cement to your feet?
    Fly beautiful bird be free

    What a beautiful reminder to fly fast to the center of your dreams
    For your gracious support, I honor you and thank you for your kindness. -Black

  2. Thats Really Kewl u learning now? waana learn de Gutar but cant seem to give up my nails eh heh so much for dreams.

  3. & yet another great and inspiring post! (Y)
    Mani, beautifully written. Never let go your dreams, always – always have a hope, for someday you’ll definitely achieve it or by only trying, it’ll lead you to something else. Loved this post.

    And whaaaatt? O__O You’re 18? =p

  4. I think this is your best yet. Luv it!

  5. Lovely post and I totally agree, do not say never and do not give up your dreams. You are never to old to try anything (well in my case that is…being advanced in age…..) I am looking forward to do alot more interesting great things in my life!

  6. Let all your dreams come true ! :)

    • Thank you Shobha Ji, Just doing the best I can to reach where my dreams are. Some of them are far and some of them are impossible so I just do all that I could to reach them.

  7. I love that last photograph. I have never flown in one of those planes before, but I think it would be a ride I would wish to not end.

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