Time is …

Sometimes it just becomes a history like moment preserved in past.
One day in life – time does matter and it does mean a lot to me for I wish there was 32hours in a day instead of 24 ! I need more time

I will be back soon – I still have things to share and smiles to send but I am tied down with Time.

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18 comments on “Time is …

  1. Lovely to hear from you still even with not much time. Enjoy your 32 hour day :-) I could do with an extra hour….Ute x

  2. Familiar feeling. Though I doubt 32 hours in a day would be enough for me – I need at least 48 :-)

  3. Fly fly and do your thing… Looking forward to seeing more pix. :)

  4. What you wrote here is deep and sensible! Do you remember the Alice’s clock -NOW NOW NOW NOW – don’t go away for too long!

  5. ek post delete kar diya kya? Well said above…sorry was running around since was down for long…a able to hop around now…feel like a froggie uff….wobbling….hugzz

  6. Good Luck. You will be missed, so come back soon

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