Finally !!

I have been told that I can get the break – much needed and take it in a way I want.

So now in this weather when mercury is supposed to take a dip, I have two options both between 500-800miles round trip. Obviously I do not want to ride for more than 4-5hours in these cold conditions and I would make this trip hostel style. Once I can get sometime to do more calculations but firstly, I have to make a decision.

Decision that is :

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10 comments on “Finally !!

  1. If it was me I’d choose Scotland – every time!

    We go there 2-3 times a year, never bored, scenery is AMAZING, roads are awful in places but if you are biking for fun, the Highlands is great for that!!

    Best – Colin

    • Thanks Colin, I have been along the shoreline all the way in Scotland in 2011 but now given the weather – I am not so sure if I would be enjoying the ride as much I would in a warm or even moderate conditions. About 4-5days to myself so I want to make a wise decision on my choice. Really hard one – this Island is almost completed on the two wheels :) so have to pick something spectacular.


  2. I would choose lake district……not so far, lovely and…..thinking selfishly…I have never been there….so some pictures from there would be nice for me to travel with you afterwards in my imagination……. Decisions…decisions…..lucky you! Deserve a break!
    Ute xx

    • Dear Ute, It has been mentally challenging and overly busy routine in past two weeks and the next one too. Also the fact that I am down with fever and throat infection the whole battle becomes challenging – I need a break desperately. I would get to be really enjoy a nice small break somewhere away from the cities now. I hope I can recover within this week and then plan something.I am planning my route so shall post it once I am fully ready with it.

      Much love

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Get well soon to reach your destination!

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