Decision Made

It was not that hard knowing what the weather brings. The South seems to be flooded with water and the north beckons to embrace the unseen floods.  Decision between a Scotland and Lake District was not that complicated -  I am ready to face some extreme conditions but not that extreme too. We will see what the weather will bring but knowing that this is not a car trip but a one on two wheels where the elements of nature keep one soaked in wet for hours and so does to the equipment I want to carry.

In total this shall add me another 700 or so miles to the total tally of reaching 39000miles in about just over a 3years time on my loved soulmate. Nothing keeps up more indulged than a long ride – wet weather – slippery roads and lots of people in their cars who never bother to check their mirrors.

My final plan as it seems to be for the most of the trip > London – Whitby(North York Moors) – Keswick(Lake District) – Hope(Peak District) – North London(Hertfordshire).
Sounds good enough given I am not just riding up north but hiking, meeting Michael , taking pictures and collecting stories(The best part about my travelling). Anything to do with pictures without story telling is just like having sex without even seeing the face of the person you just had sex with.  Ha Ha Haaa – that said – I shall be off from the web and this virtual existence(Another of the things I love the most – away from the virtual world).

39 comments on “Decision Made

  1. The journey looks good, hope it will not be too wet and cold, take the thermals with you :-) and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Ute x

  2. thats why i follow your blog cause i know the pictures of your journeys will really be good

  3. You really need to let me know what allows you to travel so much. Then hook me up. :)

  4. Have a nice trip and keep warm! :)

  5. Errm Mr. Virtual as we are virtual eh heh…hve a rockin time n come back with more socks ooops sex….winkie!!

  6. Good luck with the trip – stay safe – stay warm :-) – oh, and stay dry too if you are going up North ;-)

    • Thank you Colin :) I hope it stays dry, I am going pack and wrap every single piece of cloth in its own separate bag this time. Soft panniers are not the best thing when it comes to rain and motorcycling.
      Will count on your words :) Hope to come back safe and sound :)

  7. Enjoy your journey – safe travels to you!

  8. Safe travels, Mani. Awaiting pics!

  9. way to go bro! wishing you safe journey :)

  10. Enjoy your trip. Shame we won’t see you in sunny Scotland. Agnes x

  11. Good luck with the trip and stay safe :)

    p.s. right now, just this moment, I envy you so much!

    have fun!!

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