Surprise Surprise – Wakey Wakey

First one of this season, the world almost has come to an halt this morning. For twice I was about get on and get going with it until my next door neighbor poked me and said, No – you are not going on the bike. He Kindly offered me the lift and dropped me at the train station instead.

Airports shutdown this morning, trains delayed and chaos on the roads as there were plenty of accidents. I was forced to not be on the wheels.

Show snow is here. Show stopper

Show snow is here. Show stopper

But as soon as I am in London, there is not even a single sign of snow flake.

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16 comments on “Surprise Surprise – Wakey Wakey

  1. We were frozen solid here in Cheshire this morning, but no sign of any snow…

  2. Yes in London it was boring, we had a couple of snowflakes but the rest was rain. :-(
    Glad you went by train!

  3. Aw i wanna touch da snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…errm!!

  4. What a kind neigbor you have and a wise one : ) Here in Holland we have beautiful snow for now, but everyone must take care on the streets.

    Have a nice day

    Greetings, Summer

  5. I can’t understand why – as soon as it starts raining or snowing – some people stop knowing how to drive…the accidents, the delays, the traffic jams on highways, barely moving are a daily occurence.
    Oh, well…I do prefer summer, that’s for sure! :)

    • Because it is panic to most of the them who do not get to see these things in a regular way. This is the gift of nature for us which we cannot reciprocate in a good way. ha ha haa :)

  6. Oh i’ve been in Paris..so many memories…that curious little friend is sooooo adorable.Thanks for sharing your experience. Take care good night:)

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