World Naked Bike Ride – #2013

“We are all born Naked, We all have the same skin and We are all same deep inside”

The main thought being nude is not a pervert thought that sparks and soars in everyone’s imagination. To be able to see beyond one’s wild thoughts there is a deeper meaning and a greater feeling in it. Now that all said, I have been part of something that not only makes me think, write and share what I feel but also see the world from the different side of it.
When you are spectator, you see things differently from the mainstream. You see what passes in front of you with either an awestruck wordless speech in your head or you simply rejoice in seeing what you have seen. Yes, that is true and exact explanation of what I noticed but not from being a fixed spectator but by being an active participant. It does not take time to get used to seeing the world from different eyes once you are part of it. To many of those this world has different perception when you are naked – most feel what the visual world of modern vision shows them – Not real – A fake – Distorted vision.

I was participating in the WNBR, LONDON 2013 – As it stands for “World Naked Bike Ride” – A ride that had a bigger meaning than just being naked – this is where the sensible meets the practical  – A protest of human that encourage the Protest against Oil dependency by celebrating the body freedom on the real leg power. Yes, it is true that cars don’t run on air but fuel that kills our natural resources. Now that said, I don’t have a car but I still have a motorcycle which does leave me with fuel users but if I have a reasonable choice – I am bicycle lover too. I do and have been a lover of nature since I have taken a control of my own senses. Everything apart from what we have known so far – the challenge lies in the beginning. Where does one go and gets started with it – It is no big deal but a deal within your own mind and soul. If you are ready for it – you know you are in it. It was not too hard for me to be ready rather I just felt the part of it – once you see people around you who are getting ready for it – it took me no time to join them.

We started this from the LONDON King’s Cross going through major tourist routes and finishing it at Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner. Not a huge challenge in this when the excitement starts to build up. Everything starts to go away from the thoughts once you start pedaling and become part of the group. For me, it was initial few minutes that I had to get adapted to being naked with nothing more than a camera hanging down on my neck and shoes to ride the bike. It is 19C, with still a little cool breeze but the excitement soon takes away all the other things that comes to one’s mind. Our organizers had it all planned so well that it was just a fun ride to be part of one. We had people in all age groups.

Being a participant, I was quite amazed by some of the people reaction from the spectators as if they have never seen naked human bodies or may be not so many at the same time. Hold on, you see yourself naked each time you take shower so don’t hold me to it – I love my body and it is something I am proud of. Clothes is just something a secondary which for me only serves two purposes – one, to cover up – second, to protect me with weather. Ha ha ha… Jokes apart – this world had logically such a shock and interestingly that some were just so shocked to see that they even went closing eyes of their partners. How interesting, the contrast – A guy closing the eyes of his female counterpart while he can look at other naked females. Now, this is something which was one that I came across but the most I noticed was that big wide open mouth with that expression of “AWWWWW!” Yes !!! I am sure you will find most of it on the full video coverage on my YouTube Channel.

But all in all, the facts stays that your body is something you cover up but the reality of it is true – it is just the same flesh, same meat but different structures. Being naked is not same as being in porn so to those who looked so shameful seeing naked bodies – I have one advice for you – Participate next time and see how you feel because this guilt feel is not what you want to live for. To all those who participated in this, thank you for making it such a relaxed, wonderful and amazing experience. The reason to “Celebrate the Body Freedom”.  So before you look at the pictures and think anything else – It should all be a mature content and no harm done to anyone who is anti-nudes protagonist.

World Naked Bike Ride #2013 #London

#WNBR #London #2013

All rights reserved - Mani Babbar Photography

#WNBR #London #2013

#WNBR #2013 #London

#WNBR #2013 #London

#WNBR #2013 #London

#WNBR #2013 #London #MB

#WNBR #London #2013 #MB

#WNBR #2013 #MB #London

#WNBR #2013 #Happiness #MB

#MB #WNBR #2013 #London

#WNBR #2013 #MB #London

& I am  your host, signing off !!

Your Host for #WNBR #2013 #London

& the full video coverage is HERE

60 comments on “World Naked Bike Ride – #2013

  1. Burn ‘fat’, save ‘oil’… great effort indeed to save environment. :D

  2. The first thing I noticed in your photos is that EVERYONE is smiling! Love this! Second, not enough people are protecting their craniums with helmets…yikes. What a fantastic way to protest against oil dependency. It certainly does capture attention! Looks like the making of a very interesting day. Lookin’ good! :)

    • Ha ha haa… Welcome firstly to see everyone smiling :)
      Secondly, yeah – it was only the bicycle day so not wearing helmets was allowed today. The aim of it was to be as easy as we all could be :)

      It was one of the best days, we could have had in London. Though people and bystanders were mostly left with their jaws dropping to the floor… :) :) Beauty of life.

      xx :)

  3. Thank goodness it wasn’t rainy or cold. I can imagine that spectators were quite captivated! ;)

    I love your line, “…it is just the same flesh, same meat but different structures.” So true.

    • Thank you :) it is all in the way we look at it but we just get to look at it from what the media shows to the world but not our eyes really see.

      Perfection exists, in our soul – not in the bodies :)

  4. Every one had fun it looks like, lucky it was a decent day! Feel the freedom and the wind on your body… Way to go! Might join you next year! :-) … only if it is warmer!

    • Wohooo.. so I have one more in the group then :) You are very welcome and it is indeed a fun feeling all together. It was not too bad once we were on the move.

      Actually, you get warmer once you start moving on the bike and the route is not too big and in that huge group – you don’t even feel that you have covered so much. Just amazing :)

      I will buzz you the next time around again.

  5. Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world


    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

  6. quirky, never heard of it… but true i guess :)
    Lorna xx

  7. Whoa! Been a looong time since I’ve been away Mani!
    & I come back and am welcomed with this post! Hahah, whattay!
    All appreciation form my side, friend! It’s a free world. Things people do nowadays, not surprising! For a good cause, holy – this seemed fun!

  8. This looks like so much fun. :)

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