Eriskay – Outer Hebrides

Eriskay (Scottish Gaelic: Èirisgeigh, pronounced [ˈeɾʲiʃkʲej]), from the Old Norse for “Eric’s Isle”, is an island and community council area of the Outer Hebrides in northern Scotland. It lies between South Uist and Barra and is connected to South Uist by a causeway which was opened in 2001. In the same year Eriskay became the ferry terminal for travelling between South Uist and Barra. The Caledonian MacBrayne vehicular ferry travels between Ceann a’ Ghàraidh in Eriskay and Ardmore in Barra. The crossing takes around 40 minutes.

Enjoy some views of this beautiful place here :

Some more views from the Eriskay Ferry Terminal

& Finally the views from the Metal cage Pier placed on the embankments

Going Beyond – on next step I take you into the Barra Island, last one of the Hebrides and quite exotic one.  :)
Watch out this space for more.

Beautiful gem of Scottish Hebrides.

Beautiful gem of Scottish Hebrides.

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17 comments on “Eriskay – Outer Hebrides

  1. I applaud you, Mani. Well done!

  2. Reblogged this on brendaloveladyvideography and commented:
    from my friend Mani–awesome vid!

  3. It looks all so pure and untouched, the vibrant colours , the blue of the sea, the clear water, breathtaking !

  4. Thanks for the enjoyable tour! Gorgeous blue water…

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous place. If I were fortunate enough to spend my time in this beautiful locale I would fall in love with Life each and every day (OK, more so than I already do ;) ) It looks like a great place to both play and rejuvenate. Thanks for sharing.

    • Remember if you really wish for it, you will get to see it. Save some time for this beauty too and you shall be treated in beauty of this majestic Vista’s. Absolutely awesome and lovely place to fall in love with. Everything is so stunning here. When you coming then?

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