What’s in the box ?

A long-awaited most desired lens has finally made its way to my kit. Addition to the pro lens is the new start to the next level of photography. After hearing from all the world how great this lens is it was killing me everyday to not have this in my kit. Not forgetting the cost […]

Little Wonders

Yesterday someone asked me this question about Happiness. I told them : Happiness is just a matter of your own self. If you are happy from inside the world outside is all gloomy to match your inside, contrary let you be down or struggling with your own self – you cannot just accept this word […]

Passion embedded

Jack of all, Master of none : Goes a long way for all those people who live in the modern world and era where life has few meanings left to living. We tend to forget the basics of where it all starts of being engrossed into the passion of what we love. Well, whether it […]


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