World Naked Bike Ride – #2013

“We are all born Naked, We all have the same skin and We are all same deep inside” The main thought being nude is not a pervert thought that sparks and soars in everyone’s imagination. To be able to see beyond one’s wild thoughts there is a deeper meaning and a greater feeling in it. […]

Excellent Tips

For all those modern life lovers, sometimes what our seniors says often come to life in the light of real tests. Here is one such excerpt from Warren Buffet.   Read, share and remember.

Love, Sex & Long Distance Relationship

Time and again, this question has been asked so many times for how to manage life when you are in love, want sex and have a long distance relationship. Recently, a friend of mine who happens to be in love had been separated from her boyfriend due to the regional boundaries and other facts based […]


Motorcycling Memories from Great Indian Himalayas

Inspired by Walter from his last mention on the blog post – I could not stop myself from sharing some of those memories gathered in past rides over the most beautiful and very challenging terrain of himalayas. Some of them were lone rides, some of them were with friends and some of them were just […]


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