Finally !!

I have been told that I can get the break – much needed and take it in a way I want. So now in this weather when mercury is supposed to take a dip, I have two options both between 500-800miles round trip. Obviously I do not want to ride for more than 4-5hours in […]

Originally posted on Wellcome Trust Blog:
What does our perception of Female Sexual Dysfunction say about our societal perception of female sexuality, desire, and indeed our reflection of ourselves? Katherine Angel discusses. My academic research focuses on Female Sexual Dysfunction, an umbrella term for diagnostic categories in the American and Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical…

Filthy habits

Oh yes, I’m bored with the routine of work and life. I need to kick myself to get out of my comfort zone. Well bothered by too much of comfort, I have already started to have a love hate relationship with my new iPad that I have given to myself. It has started eating time […]

Hello world!

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Being true… to oneself

Its never an easy feeling but I kno it really duzn matters for that fact – Life’s always been full of the fact that changes really breaks me mostly…I feel as if my heart pumped so hard dat its gnna stop but it carried on. Cant say but Y does it happens that memories dont […]


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