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Getting There : Art of Time-Lapse Photography

All the big noise around Time-Lapse is nothing but an art of planning and organizing your stuff. Time-Lapse is one of the easiest forms of photography but the only complication or issues it has attached with it is – “TIME” as it states in its own name. You would need to organize a lot in […]

Time is …

Sometimes it just becomes a history like moment preserved in past. One day in life – time does matter and it does mean a lot to me for I wish there was 32hours in a day instead of 24 ! I need more time I will be back soon – I still have things to […]

Canon Recalls EOS 650D

To all the people who use Canon EOS 650D model or the one that comes under the similar model range should go to their local canon website and register to get it fixed. ┬áTo authenticate these claims Canon is not open on much details but BBC has shared the following information. =================================================================================== Canon recalls cameras […]


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