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Getting There : Art of Time-Lapse Photography

All the big noise around Time-Lapse is nothing but an art of planning and organizing your stuff. Time-Lapse is one of the easiest forms of photography but the only complication or issues it has attached with it is – “TIME” as it states in its own name. You would need to organize a lot in […]

Moving earth

Nothing around us is so still as we may see it and what we may see to be still is not still enough as this earth itself is moving. To the nature and beauty we are its ants – who feel too big Too tiny to control anything above or below our feet.   & […]

Forest of Doom

Don’t have the words to say more.

Harbinger of Sorrow

Google auto-suggests queries based on your input. Start typing, and it will fill in, based on popular queries.  We’re doomed as a species… For fun of it, try it and see what it returns. Be creative and share a laugh.


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