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Time, Tide and Life never comes back again. One morning just a sudden thought to see this 24hours in 90seconds …. I just pushed the timelapse button and here it went …

“You are”

You are, The Essence of this life. Do not waste yourself in understanding, explaining and regretting what you are not. You are the soul that has a meaning – learn what your potential is. Observe from your living life to improve and go beyond your sanctity of customs and comforts. This life is a gift, […]


There is a deeper meaning to life, the nature says and explains it all in its own ways. Better than our brains can guide us or tell us.   Click here to see it in the Large.


After a while, I return to the ramblings of the royal pleasure and the ones closest to my heart. Travels. I travel not for a reason or a season but it is just a part of my existence that belongs to me and my soul. Of course, it is not that I am so stiff […]


Few un-alientated truths of life. T R A V E L


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