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The City of London : Time Lapse

As we little tiny tots are playing hide and seek in our lives, destroying, creating or doing whatever… spare a thought what nature is doing above us. See it in the full screen and watch that London Eye on the right move..


Sometimes in life it is simply these innocent eyes, that make you wonder all the things you have done and you have missed. Those smiles that you shared and those you have skipped. Beauty of life is not in living it by yourself but to share without a feeling that stops you from being who […]

I love …

Nature, as it stands and Nature as it sings – One of the most beautiful places that I go for walk and this Tree has made me fall in love with it. The beauty as it says not only exists in humans but also in the nature.   Have a beautiful week ahead. Love & […]

Just another dream

You were here, I was here and none of us could see where we were !! #PeacefulChaos To those who love Fridays, lets start rolling our countdowns and clocks to touch those Friday evenings. Wishing you all a lovely and a beautiful weekend ahead.

I N D I A – The country of changing phases.

For to say it – Firstly and Fore-mostly – It may be surprising but I am going to write it all as I felt it in the past 4 days since I am in the country of this moving paced lifestyle and dramatically fast paced makeover. It has been over 4 years since I was […]


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