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Human Conundrum

Isn’t it true? – we just follow the masses blindly, the identity to belong is extinct or just a limited quantity with those who can believe in themselves. The Human Conundrum of this extinction.

Time is …

Sometimes it just becomes a history like moment preserved in past. One day in life – time does matter and it does mean a lot to me for I wish there was 32hours in a day instead of 24 ! I need more time I will be back soon – I still have things to […]

Paris : An experience : Part I

For travelers, Paris is just another historic exotic city that has its own charm attached to it. It for no matter should not be confused with anything else you see or come across in other cities. Life is vivid all across from architecture, history, colours and people that make this city. Lot of changes in […]

Candid “Sexy” eyes

Do you fancy him or you fancy me while I catch you with him. Well you are too late now I can only give you what I have to share. Enjoy the cherished capture.


Respect to the one with the camera is not easy to find, is it !!?? Well those who know the candid shots, knows it pretty well. These people are greatest value to the photographers for showing us there honourable skills of raising a finger while someone snaps them.  


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