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The Happy Feeling

One of my many shots that I feel should be shared to rest of the world too.   Where are the rest of the happy buggers in this world .. ??

Take a deep breath

Breathe, inhale, exhale … Repeat…. Do it again even more slower ….. Feel the power of your existence  


Life has been like a roller coaster in the past week or so and will be in this mode for a little while before I can make my return to my own world of normalcy. Everything seems to be passing by so fast that it seems hard to stand at one place and observe the […]

Forest of Doom

Don’t have the words to say more.

PARIS : An Experience – Part IV

From a previous day, After a good night sleep and good morning wake up – I start it all again. So far so good, Good morning to you all from the morning in Paris. It’s been raining and wet enough to keep discouraging me to step out in this rain. Chances fairly are, I wont […]


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