2days and 1 nite

Another Year’05,

And what better way to start of, If i wud have wished to god for smthin better it must have had been there as well. Life is not same always it keeps on changing like the clouds which are never still.

Talking about my trips to a person, wud impress some1 so much i cnt imagine. This person was not a dude but a gal, who was so damn impressed that she said she is willin to take the chances and gonna go along at any costs it incurs. For me it was not new but with a gurl on my jess for a long ride was nothing less than sheer adrenalin rush or that flow of blood through my veins. All happening like a dream and finally all set to rush on a long ride with unseen circumstances.

Starting with the new day before even the sun could have made its way, we started at about 5:20am from our respective places to meet at a spot and from there on it was all same roads for me which I luv to drive through. Driving for first hour was bit of getting used to each other styles and comfort level on a bike. Time and again the concern or thots in my head was for where are we heading for. Since this was like unplanned journey of life that just got painted into its colors in No time. Driving through for hours with breaks coming at regular levels of time it was cruising at first with 60’s nd 70’s but not for long wen i was even doin 80’+ at times. It was all sheer adrenalin that pumps up randomly…

At about 12:20Pm we were near to Kalka and finally got to kiss the curves of himachal terrain. The roads were smooth broad and inviting to rip through.

But again it was very start of the climb we decided to halt at the Timber Trail. Have a ride in the rail car on the ropes taking u over the depths of hills. It was exciting to look from outside but once inside that rail car it was all too caged thing… never too enjoying but still for some its very amusing. Spent some time on the other side of the hill at the top of the valley it sure was some relax..chilled out with cool breeze and scenic shots were amazin .. from here there was no clue if we would b able to check snow or not. ……..

Moving back from the top to the base was a good 20 minutes ride on ropes…Coming out from timber trail it was all curvacious nature of hills to which I am used to ridin and was all same but different with a person on my back to tell me that I have to go slow so she can enjoy it too and yeaa…. In a way ..quite right!

stepping down on the pace to get adjusted to the flow of breeze and feel the same i Was drivin slow in 40’s before we halted at my regular stop, never missed on way to Shimla- it was Salogra, famous on my itineary for its spicy oily stuff, pakoda’s in particular with that fingerlicious home made ketchup …makes me drool over it each time.. Not a long halt but after that it was all regular drive… uptil ….

Yea, u are wrong if u said Shimla… It was on the way to shimla – Kandaghat. My favorite on spot destination before Shimla. I like the serenity and the cool nature of this calm place. Got a room to stay and finally relaxed out with things settling easily for us. Another 1 hour and we were out … to check out the place and railway station which was all calm ..not like any other rail station but juss very calm which never is crowded unless there is a rail making a stopover for smthin like 5 or 10 minutes. Its like one who is a lover of silence and observe its serenity for hours without being bored for long hours of time. But it was not that long for us as we had a li’l more for da day. We decided to hit back the road and went on to shimla. It was another 30kms from Kandaghat but none the less a cherishable drive.

Roads were good to drive on, keepin on the apex and not missin my right curves to turn… it was all a good ride before on the way..goodness – was able to see the snow cloud mountains laid behind some good peaks.. it was a refreshing view to eyes which was dying to see the beauty of whitewash on mountains. One word to describe it was – AWESUM!
Reached in time to shimla before it was too late but it was a sunday not much of a crowd on the Mall. Had a small refresher for my belly but my feet were in pain due to uncomfortable shoes. Mann oh Mann this was like a wonderful time .. spent like an hour on the mall with a visit to shimla’s famous skating rink… wheew .. a time reminding of my days ..my falls wen i was on wheels.. juss so many things to look back with time .

But again time was a constraint for us, we moved back pickin up junk food..some chips and cola on the way down .. went to pick up the jess and drive back to Kandaghat.
ShoooooT.. the darkness followed the pursuit and we finally reached kandaghat in the light of vehicles behind us …. the drive was smooth but the chill in the air was gettin li’l freakier so by the time we were back it was cold hands and shivvering bodies… back in the room it was a big relief…gettin a chance to grab food and flat cola was oooh relaXd moment…

Another day, another start but it was juss gettin over… Gettin to settle my jess to pick up for new start.. gettin back on the seat after gathering my flower shots to keep me powered up for future times…. Left kandaghat at about 9 and driving way back to Dharampur where we decided even to hit to kasauli in a touch and go manner. We picked up a big litchi juice bottle and decided to halt on the way the to Kasauli. Sittin by the road side lookin at the flames of forest which were not just the irony but the best look of the trip, Gulmohars.

Reaching Kasauli was not far of thing but was gud drive and reached Kasauli to get to parking wen I was told no outsider’s vehicles allowed. I didnt miss a chance to grab on the oppurtunity to use my frend’s power, whos uncle live there. Went to his uncle’s shop and he came along with me to get my bike in the Kasauli. WE left our modern days equipment at his uncle’s old photo shop. Took on the ride for next 3kms which was through a wonderful scenic beauty of foothills at ur fingertips. Reaching Manki point was a view to look at. People just cant imagine if u have not been there. No camera’s allowed. No cell phones. no walkman’s or any modern day device. Forget all – otherwise u cannot go to that place.

A climb to Manki point was not an arduous fun but an average one for a regular visitor to hills. But once u get to the Temple the view turns majestic and u cn ponder it into ur deep memoirs for future .. Its one of the most wonderful thing which cn happen to one.

Gettin from the top back to base was gud times together. Driving to Kasauli was fun with chips to enlighten the flavor of my mouth… it was delicious. Reachin back to Kasauli and pickin my bag and thankin Mr Sharma for all his extra support to getting us into Kasauli on jess. I picked up the direction from him to further take on a new road. I picked a small single lane road to drive upto Dharampur which was some 13kms short of the Dharampur route.

Joiing back on the main road at parwanoo was all gud drive.. but just was 40’s. Gettin back to Panchkula and deciding on not to touch ambala on way back and moving through the old roads of villages via Morni Hills and way old villages was a gud ride… day went on and the km’s to back home kept gettin subtracted….

Just before Kurukshetra we had the most delicious true punjabi food which was what I call the best food outside home better than those five stars at the budget which u cn eat as much u cn think of….. Livin back again to get to the regular day.. I killed the time beatin the big luxury vehicles at speed of 100’s and was in reaches on delhi in no time..we hit the border before it was dark and then we were back to the regular chores of facing the people ahead of us…

Juss thankful to god for everything which he gives to all of us not forgetting the right times for us to look at…. 

Pics are on the Photos section under 3-4Apr’05 Album

9 thoughts on “2days and 1 nite

  1. AmarDeep April 15, 2005 / 7:20 pm

    Great man !Wish that you had some photographs to share.The trip seems like INCOMPLETE without the photograhs, a journey without the visuals.Add all the pics ManiAlwaysAmar

  2. Philip April 18, 2005 / 11:54 pm

    Sounds like a great adventure. The town where no technology is allowed sounds like a very nice place, somewhere that I would like to visit some day. Back to browsing around the page 🙂

  3. Divya April 24, 2005 / 8:51 pm

    It was really nice to read the entire trip experience.As u have mentioned each and everything, I can visualize everything…You describerd everything so well..And yes the pics are missing..Pls add them asap…I must say you write it very well…Want to read more…Divya…

  4. Unknown April 28, 2005 / 9:34 pm

    Well i have read the whole story. I find that this story might be the most explanatory story i have ever come across. I pat back of you and encourage you to go for these sort of trips in the near future and i wish you all the very best for these sort of trips.Till the Hell Freezes Over~~Ride On………..

  5. Unknown April 28, 2005 / 10:20 pm

    Wow!Ambition for us all even on the other side of the World.I imagine your bike is about to blow up sometime soon if you keep it up. I was wondering if you let the girl drive your bike too ? I really envy Mani for his trips through the land. He does need pictures for this trip though.For those who want to see more of Mani\’s pictures, check out – http://rifraf.hopto.org/modules/My_Pictures/memberuploads/saltyblue/KEEP IT UP MANI!! Raf – YoPS – Rico and I owe you a video clip of Canada !

  6. Philip April 30, 2005 / 1:20 am

    Just looked through the pictures. And well I will put it this way, if I ever come across alot of extra funds, I will be taking a trip there just to drive around for dayyys. Great pictures as always 🙂

  7. Rahul April 30, 2005 / 5:49 pm

    Nice writeup! detailed discription of you trips made me experience lil devine nector that u\’ve been drinking up there.!u\’ve been experiencing Heaven on earth. well for doing all these longs trip you need Gutts n u have proved em! well done pal! post some pics man AsapYou & u\’r bike were one with mother nature!! u\’r a freebird for sure..

  8. AmarDeep May 5, 2005 / 8:25 pm

    Hey Man Good one !I am going to Nandi Hills this Saturday … 7th May 2005.Keep this rolling.AlwaysAmar

  9. Tin May 5, 2005 / 8:59 pm

    Freebird, thats some hurried ride there, am sure those azure blue skies of Nov with vistas beyond simla far out, onto the snow clad Sirmaur range was very pleasurable to you and your mate. Here is a little blog of mine am sure you must have read it before. http://www.indiamike.com/india/showthread.php?t=10873and here is a link to some Photo i shot on the last trip, lets see if I can add few more worth sharinghttp://www.indiamike.com/photopost/showgallery.php/cat/500/ppuser/5931Cheers !

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