WHen Things Fall aPart

 Its Strange how I can do the same mistake again and again but Life at times goes much beyond what i can think of. But the fact that I cant ignore is Y it keeps on happening again and again. The longing to be ……… for some1 always is neva gnna go wid me. I just wished I can write everything, every moment that i felt …….But i dont have regrets – I just cant be what everyone wants me to be…. My only aim in life is now to b rich.. Yes its not mean but I just want to do what i never thot in my wildest dreams but I just want to b rich. I will not write again I will not do the things which i used to cuz they become my nightmare…
I can forgive But I can never Forget.

What Doesnt Destroys Me makes me STRONGER.
I Luv my bike more then anyone ever…. atleast she duzn complains me of anything.
FreeBirD …………. I m not what the world has made me…. I am not what I wanted to be ….I am what I never was…I would be what the world wants but still wud not be what they really thot…. A man is a island of his own…. 

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