Being true… to oneself

Its never an easy feeling but I kno it really duzn matters for that fact – Life’s always been full of the fact that changes really breaks me mostly…I feel as if my heart pumped so hard dat its gnna stop but it carried on.
Cant say but Y does it happens that memories dont go away too – Friends .. Fake Friends…the word Friends is too a Fools word. Things changed people came …people left .. but besides I hate so much of worldly lust for love… Its not gonna happen again atleast for this life. I can turn myself away but my heart just wont agree, my head has given up everything besides the fact I knew the reality…..but people made it worse then wht it was.
I just respect the word M …m for me…. m for myself… m for mom …. m for moon …m for magical .. m for motorcycles.. m for money .. m for mountains …m for …..Damn everythin with M is pure…..
God…im siK
even dis trip of mine is not really gonna help me but i just can do the impossible(i m possible)….  Mani Is PossiblE …
Damn I hold a power …..

One thought on “Being true… to oneself

  1. Yusha September 9, 2005 / 1:12 pm

    Hi Mani,I just saw a post from you at We worked in the same company and in the same process but we never met. I saw u everyday in the office (except on offs) but couldnt come over for a chat. One reason was that u wre in esc and i was in frntlne, there was hardly any commn between the groups. Anyway its gr8 to know dat u r still riding. I found out pretty late that u had left convergys. I have resigned too. Hope to get in tocuh soon. Its a real shame dat we never met. We have a common passion between us. Bikes and long rides. take care

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