Tumbling and rising, Part of my life

Sep 03
Aaaaah .. it didnt pain a little as usual, was that because of the reason I am so used to it or was that it really didnt pain at all.
I just dont know in no’s but this is about 18-19th accident…. and i still will not give up  my love addiction .
My bike just going off from rear on gravel to drag me along with my leg stuck between the leg guard and bike ooooops – it just tore off big chunk of my flesh from knee.. still 2nd time NDE was helluva experience.. God i dont want it to happen again… No damage to my bike, nothing to karan but just poor meeh..
Its not broken yet but just about two 10cms holes dig on  my knee at about 4 cms deep to make my bone visible with some stones still stuck in that wound.
Sitting by the roadside, went back to unconciousness for about couple of minutes.. it didnt pain a little but just by the look of it, was gud to make anyone vomit …  
No problems .. my doctor was shocked .. bloody HeLL… wtta  person .. 
I knew that it will put me out of my groove for a while atleast a month from my expectations.. god knows but doctor said that its way too far by his assumptions and then its something serious …
FucKen, I am brave but I m chickenshit…
I am high but I m grounded…
FreeBird will come back to life ..but possibly I have missed something and I have added a lot to my own love life .. Just got more strength, I am still not destroyed..
My SLR has kept me intact …
I’m Free but I’m Focused.
I care but I m restless.
I’m lost but I’m hopeful.
"The World’s my temple, Its people my god & my motorcyle the link between my god and temple…"

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