BlooDi PaIn

Whats the first thought that goes into your head – when we say its paining, A little awkward and uncanny thought about itself.
I dont exactly know but just felt that there should have been somekind of a rating system for even pain so that we can just measure it in kilos, grams and so many numerous units. Though its something quite usual about me, pain is one thing that i can not run away from, as much I may run from others but its one thing that never leaves me.
After recovering from a wounded leg, its left its strechorous marks on my knee with an everlasting pain for nothing but just giving a strain to me. I know I have tried hard and will again try to start running and challenging myself – just wondering, how I used to run even upto 13kms and now bloody I cant even upto 1.3kms. Its just how things change with time. Nothing is Permanent in this Life.
I just feel that I can start my long urge of travelling very soon again but still something stops me in a way that I am responsible enough for others and not for myself. I just wonder if this Taboo of mine would ever get off from me. I just want to be a Traveller, the One who is Challenger and loves to be wanderer.
One of the Friends Quote Reads "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page" – makes me go back to my memories, I have in a way refrained myself from this world. But I just know that its not long before I can connect to it back again. 
God Blessed some with Money and some with brains and some with color and some with all and some with nothing but just what they want to be. I Just want to be the last one of all – to create myself to a high where very few have reached – be a self centered EcceNtric of a kind. An Obvious Eccentric – bitten by a lens bug.
Chasing like great emperors of past for nothing but new untouched lands and winning them not by battle but by a small heart – which can make me feel – i didnt reach here, but I won.
This Pain of mine, is like an old wine – the more older, the more stronger it gets and More stronger I become.
I love – ????
4 letters now – PAIN.
4 M’s – for u to guess.

One thought on “BlooDi PaIn

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