A small trip with not much time on hands..
I dont want to talk much about it as it has raised eyebrows on me and my needs…
Petrol  39.496kms – Rs 480.20 + 11.041Ltr + Rs/Ltr – 43.49
Home  6.05Am  39.499km
Delhi Border  7.05Am  39.538km
Karnal  8:23Am  39.638kmShahabad  9:18Am  39.688km
Diversion >> Ambala – Chdrgh. 
               >> Narayangarh – panchkula.  10:18Am  39.727km
My breakfast break : Tea + mom made packed breakfast  10:45Am
Narayangarh  10:52Am 39.737km
Kala Amb 11:10 Am 39.746km
Flat Tyre – a good metal sheet in A shape was inside my tyre  11:20Am &lt-12:02Pm.
Do Sarka  12:13PmNaahan  12:51Pm
Road Divide >> Bagthan  
                    >>  Solan.
Bagthan  1:45Pm  39.802km
Absolute Bad Roads 39.816kms – 39.826kms
Road Conditions Improves. <IMG src="/rte/emoticons/smile_regular.gif">
Kheri  3:41pm  39.840kms
Accident with Bus …. Head On  while both on brakes, survived a major one and bike crashed badly.
Bike Cosmetics damaged.
Still drove on with Pain in my ankle. 3:50Pm
Reached Rajgarh  39.863kms 4:26Pm
Took a wrong road  helped by a road side person to assist that I am 8kms down the wrong road.
With pain growing in my leg  I had 16kms extra ride.
Reached Sanaura 12kms down from Rajgarh 
Darkness surrounding me
Petrol from SANAURA  39.883km  200Rs  4.43Lts @ 45.90Rs/ltr.
Took the right rod to reach Lakhoti Finally at 5:48Pm – 39.899Kms.
END of EXCITING DAY1 Journey !!
DAY 2 started at 08:30 AM
Left Lakhoti at 12:08 Pm lakhoti , 39.923kms @ 12:08Pm
Reached Sanaura, 39.931kms @ 12:28Pm
Diversion for Solan\ kumarhatti
 picked road forsolan due to good road as suggested by thelocalite.
Reached Solan 39.957kms @ 1:14Pm
Reached Kalka 40.001kms @ 2:45Pm
40.038Km @ got petrol  200Rs, 4.60Ltr@ 43.50rs/ltr.
40.096kms  4:32Pm Main Rd for NH8.
Terible problem in bike – power draining out  40,205kms  7:02Pm  Samalkha
40,217kms  7:31Pm  small break  took coke  tough time starting bike, Pain in ankle.
40,263kms  8:37Pm  reached Azadpur 
Bike halted thrice, couldnt kick start bike due to pain in my ankle…
40.284kms  9:43Pm  Home … Back Home …
is real me.

3 thoughts on “NO FEAR

  1. Unknown November 15, 2005 / 8:30 pm

    Hey.. wtf.. Hope there are no major injuries this time… Looks like you are goin thru a bad time.. . get well soon!

  2. Manas December 24, 2005 / 12:02 am

    I bow to you man. 🙂 You are one of a kind.

  3. Manas December 24, 2005 / 12:03 am

    Oh yeah, I forgot, I Follow the "NEVER SAY DIE" mantra too. 🙂

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