Individuality – Have courage & follow your own path.

Something everyone of us has been gifted with. Everyone of us have a talent thats unique in a way from all the other persons. Its how one develop this indivuality to upbring oneself to come out with the difference. Sometimes its the situations and at other times its the prompt from the surrounding environs that develops the individual.

Its the same way as saying " Have courage & follow your own path". Its upto one how you can face the situation in difficult conditions and still come up with no sign of situation resemblences. Its just one that stands throughout the life and always realises how important it is for one to realize that its one who can make a change around him all the time. One has to be very sure of his ideologies and thoughts to have a successful life.

How often do we realise this potential – how many of us have come up with the individual strengths that divides you from the world ?  How many of us realise this that as an individual you can make the difference for the world or if not world then just the people around you?
I wud really believe in knowing and saying that it is just an individual who makes the difference to his situations and the environs around.

Hope to do something in this year which keeps me on the terms of my individuality – as always –
" FreeBirD – da lone traveller"

Tell me about your individual aspects too.. I want to know what all individual strengths you hold .. leave me a message .. about your individuality ..

signing off

3 thoughts on “Individuality – Have courage & follow your own path.

  1. Amanda January 10, 2006 / 3:37 am

    HI!!! haven\’t talked w/u in quite a long while. but as i read ur blog i couldn\’t help but cotemplate the word individuality. so…as i couldn\’t come up w/an answer to ur question of what is my individual talent…i wrote an entire blog, so if u would like to see my point of view just read my blog and maybe that will explain…talk later ~manda

  2. Amanda January 11, 2006 / 2:48 am

    you are quite right. very insightful person…

  3. Guneet January 25, 2006 / 4:06 pm

    Hi….hmm, Individuality, thts an understated word, especially todays when we have hoards of everything……its follow da pack, every one wants to do \’the right thing\’ or the \’suitable thing\’ or \’the profitabla thing\’……..blaaaah! I mean whts da big deal wid doing things tht r agreeable and r not frowed upon by society at large? I guess ma aspect of indiaviduality is doing things tht make ma happy……be it a late night snack tht cud make me sick in da mornin, or expressing ma views which cud get me many \’huhuh\’ glances or jst abt neething which makes me feel good…..Nice space u got here……..ekta.

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