Challenge – Verve Voyage

Challenge"Verve Voyage" – to name it.
Change that I was looking forward to has been put in place and needs a determination to take its shape. Striking a dream that is somewhere in its initial stages but has been put forward in right place.
A journey that involves a physical stamina and mental touighness to challenge the elements of the nature and its surroundings. But this is not my solo trip – I have hooked up with the wingman – A nice and very good person who knows how to live life when it comes to facing the unknown challenges. A guy who is more mature then me and needs no tips but just a company that eventually will lead to the best.
The "Verve Voyage" as named on the proposal to the company will take its startup very soon.
Here is small overview of what I mean with the
"Verve Voyage"
– 2 Friends, 2 Bicycles n load of testing times.
– A journey of the 484kms challenging the elements of nature.
– A sponsored Ride to address it, my first effort taking its shape.
– Something I have just planned in last few years.
For the ones who know about this is very good and ones who dont will have to wait till the end.
Catching up with the challenge is the big step.
I am not quitting from motorcycles but I am just going bit unconventional to face the real challenge that involves the test of nerves. I have to say my thanks to Mr. Dewan for keeping his faith in me. I hope to bring him the glory from the highest playground of the world.
Few Dates for me to remember :
17th Jan’05 – Sponsorship accepted.
18th Jan’05 – Video’s Handed.
19th Jan’05 – Hunt has begun.
The Bicycles – Firefox
2 Bicyclists : Mani Babbar, Nitin Gera
Time of year : Jun- Jul
Duration : 15 days maximum.
Your valuable comments can help me to add a new dimension to this challenge.
Please drop me a line.
I hope to prove myself of my individuality now as I last left the post of mine.

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