A small get away…

My mind is always searching for a change to run away and find a little peace of its own.
Just enjoying the way I like – somewhere far away from the crowd and no familiar faces. Though not what every one of us likes but thats the way I prefer.
Its a special weekend with my b’day on 28th and what other way to celebrate it then to say I am treating myself with what I like the best – travel + biking + shooting + adventure and lots of unexpected things to come my way.
I will be celebrating my b’day in my native birth spot in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) in the hot springs of ManiKaran. About 520kms away from  my home and about 12 hours of smooth riding through the real race track for my nerves to rush my adrenalin through those twisties and the curves.
Have no big plans – just go there, spend a night and relax
Work on my resolutions,
Calculate my potentials,
Find someone I am willing to spend my life with, and
Give my best to everything I do.

"Change is the Law of Nature" and I must change with that change is the way I have grown up.
Just spoken out my mind and heart for everyone –

Will work my way up through the sheer hard effort of whatever I do. Whether its work, love, travel or my pain.
     …. M M M M and just the word ‘m’…

3 thoughts on “A small get away…

  1. sANDY January 26, 2006 / 2:13 am

    hey nice space….well happy b\’day in advance…Me and my friends rode our bikes to goa last summer…..that was sexed…..hope u have funlove peace empathysandy

  2. Cyclic January 26, 2006 / 7:53 pm

    ahem.. birthday+bike+….. quite a nice combi i say!! all th best and yep \’hyapi burthde\’ in advance….thanx for droppin by… ur bike adventures sound quite exciting!wil go thru the pics later!

  3. Kriti January 27, 2006 / 7:52 am

    Hey Mani
    Thanks for the mail,and greatly appreciated:) Thanks for adding me:)
    Happy birthday in advance,Hope u get everythin u wish for.
    Nice space:)
    Do drop by anytime,wil try to catch up too.
    Take care:)

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