Bitten by shutter Bug – “Eventually” –

Year that started with a small hope that I can and I will do my best –
Yes, I meant it and I have held it till date – It wasnt a big decision but I have been waiting to spend over my second most expensive deal of my life – My passionate love affair taking its shape – Nikon D70 coming to my life.

It was simply the fact that it was all about money which was stopping me but then Mani cant be stopped by money – he will fight for it as he has always been –

Now is the time to be a one out of all others and show that its Real me…
Feel like saying thanks to Rathika for her co-ordination and all the help I will be getting from her.

Hope this is a love affair of my life too 🙂 second one though. First of course is my bike..

And the third I hope will be the last and final one … till my last breath.

Max the Maximist. 

One thought on “Bitten by shutter Bug – “Eventually” –

  1. Vibhu February 8, 2006 / 10:39 am

    D70 ! Nice man ! I have a UZ750 (olympus) . Everything normal except for the 10x optical zoom and compact size. Don\’t you find the D70 a bit difficult to handle on a bike ?

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