Flowers !!

Getting with my camera….  I have been bitten by bug —->
I dont have one subject but then this time its flowers catching my imagination !!

Some shots for ones who love flowers and the variations of the flowers too… Enjoi…

4 thoughts on “Flowers !!

  1. Guneet February 10, 2006 / 4:27 pm

    Hey Hey mr. camera guy!!!!! Nice pictures too!!!
    Ah! to be bitten by this fascinating bug…….say take sum in black and white……i love how they turn out! = )
    isnt it super? how u can capture stuff in a picture of aeons together, to revisit and relive?! Me likes people photography best, and black and white ones, all kinds….
    oh hey u must chk dis website they have sum gr8 pictures to spark ur imagination!
    so temme, do u see things different frm da lens? or is it da same old, same old world? ; )

  2. Kriti February 23, 2006 / 2:10 pm

    Oh shit! At first I thot u\’d saved these from some website and then pasted here,my….Amazing!

  3. Sapna February 24, 2006 / 7:32 pm

    hi thanks chirpy birdie…for flying towards my horizon….and aha your comments…kahi ego ka shabd para meneh…dekhiye huzoor…agar i permit people to snatch away my sanity and balance …tho fir koi rukega nahi…its human nature kahi…shaayad jaanbhujkar shayad anjaan hokar…
    iss liyeh ek halki si lakir kheech di meneh….na janeh kya kya likh dalu meh yaha…smileeeeee n flyyyyyyyy highhhhhhh

  4. Vince March 19, 2006 / 10:14 am

    Those r really nice! What camera is it?

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