Human – ThE OrGaNiSaTiOn

Ever wondered how everything evolves around us started. These big buildings, the big organisations and the big setup are all a creation of man. How small it may seem and how long it might take it to reach to that high it is the same human. Is it Human who is in one way or other responsible for everything around us ? Do we still need GOD ? Quite a thought!
How many times have you wondered its Human who started with a very smallest of the creation till he reached to such a high which is applaudable. Looking into any of the organisation from the lowest ranking person to Top most CEO – It is just the same human.
As an example its the Man who starts everything – from the very birth till his last breath but whatever he has while he is there is nothing more then material but it is what he makes out of his life to give to others that consists of happiness and just time to cherish. I have met so many individuals who have come up so far with the struggle of their own and have won themselves in their own eyes. I Cannot determine the strenght one has until one has taken up a challenge and have done it the way he wanted it to be. 

Simple reason writing all this – at the end "its the money" as we all say but then there’s "a human involved" in the very end of it too. Its just a Human, which I term as ORGANISATION who should know how when and where to tackle the situations of himself to come up of the challenge. Never underestimate the power you hold as an Individual, the smallest organisation which I believe is the Human till the biggest organisation that is still the Human takes you upto a higher within… 

As always my thoughts are all affected by the world I see around me and one that I dont see around me but I know that it exists. Happy Reading to you all.

4 thoughts on “Human – ThE OrGaNiSaTiOn

  1. Apurva February 28, 2006 / 7:28 pm

    Hey thanks for the comments on the Pill…The Pill I refer to as life and have everyday to keep the blues at bay… nice to see another enthusiast of the outdoors and travel…
    agree with you on this one..until you have tried and succeeded you don\’t know the half of every one has to plod on the walk of life…

  2. Sapna February 28, 2006 / 7:45 pm

    when there is darkness within…light never matters! and as for life i feel we are humans with animal instincts…but alas! we find more of animals with human instincts…i wonder what are we heading bhi hai…life a journey between birth and death….kuch tho karteh hi rehna hai…bandar trees meh uchalte rehteh hai …hum dharti par…lol

  3. Trouble March 1, 2006 / 5:29 am

    Yea, I\’ve at times wondered abt how they must have started and came up with all that exists today.. and like you\’ve said, the power that we hold as an individual needs to be identified and put to use at right places.. and that\’s how everything that exists, came into existence.. Nice thoughts!
    Abt the past, present, and future.. ya, i understand that one shd always remain in the present n try to improve it instead of pondering over the past n the future.. but, at times, one tends to.. so even i did 🙂

  4. DeGrinningGranny March 5, 2006 / 4:32 pm

    a gud point u made! now i hav a question..who came 1st..god or man?? i think god itself is a man who has achieved such heights in terms of umm..i dunno wats the word to use here! i dunno my theory cud b wrong! n m off forget all that!
    but i guess its ofcourse the man who does ething..but thn how do u know watever the man is right or wrong! thats set by someone superior to us all..n thats god!! otherwise u wudnt go sayin that u gonna pay for yr deeds! so ofcourse we do need god no matter wat human beings r doin! god is the supervisor! u see.. :o)
    sorry for a late late comment…. and yeah yr comment on my last post made a lot of sense..a gud one!!

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