After a long time … I was out on a roll.. and to address it – to surprise all Not on a bike this time around… I have gone like I actually did some 4 years back.. in a Bus with no pre planning – just packing bare minimum clothes to land up in hills.
Mussorie, the name of the destination. Some 285 kms from Delhi with not such a pain to travel. It was perfect time to travel out with the chill of winters still settling down. I was checking out the weather change and it was superb to fall in love with. Taking off from  my usual style of travelling, I dont have much to share but Its one in a million chance that some one can fall in love with you in a journey of 5 hours is astounding to understand, Some one so crazy who can go way far just to say that – I dont want to miss a moment … Never knew I held such a charm that I cud have made some one fall head over heels in 5 hours journey… Altho its an unforgettable experience besides – life just is never a standstill in itself…. So after all – "Mussaffir hoon Yaaron – isse chalte jaana hai"
Reached Mussorie and then … I was  expecting to see someone – which I did and it was sheer excuse I would have made to reach the hills… to meet some one and I can smile on myself for writing that….. I am YES a crazy person … Gosh… I dont know.. Someone else said that to me too.
Spent all my day walking in and around shooting faces and then landscapes to sheer interest that… I might get one good shot out of all the effort .. Walked around Camel Back road – The Maill and then my Hotel … Before I was to get into my bed …..
Got up at 0445hrs to find the breathtaking view of hills and the light breaking the darkness…. Time just moved on and Here I was with the Backpack on my bag and ready to move back. Walked all the way across Mall before I was on another end of MALL. Decided to take a walk down thru the wilderness of hills.
Walked down about 22kms out of 32 from Mussorie to Dehradun. And then a Hitch from the open TaTa Truck… to land in Dehradun.
From Dehradun ISBT things were just smooth … and I was in Volvo 2X2 to reach Delhi by 9:00Pm
Smooth and Very nice journey.

For Pics :

13 thoughts on “Mussorie

  1. Sapna March 22, 2006 / 9:53 pm

    hmmm meh bhi ja ruhi hu mussourie sooooon……pictures tho khule nahi ……meh tho yehi saans leti hu….escape from reality or escape into reality…yah shayaad virtuality in reality….reality in virtuality…ye bhi tho ek journey hi hai……smile …..

  2. Jitender March 23, 2006 / 4:34 pm

    You travel in an odd manner to be sure :]

  3. Trouble March 24, 2006 / 5:14 am

    Yea, it does sound like a smooth one! 🙂 For the last 2 weeks, I just traveled.. calcutta-bombay-pune-calcutta-allahabad-delhi-calcutta 😀
    I saw the pics on flickr n loved tht sky pic.. I myself keep clicking the sky n the sunsets.. love them! and the "love buds" pics r cool.. gr8 tht u managed to click them.. lol 🙂

  4. DeGrinningGranny March 24, 2006 / 5:25 pm

    i m so in luv wid all the pics..just had a look at em..all of em!! amazin..u r gud at it huh!! gud at photgraphy..gud at bikin…gud at writin…wonder wat else is left there to be explored abt u! but u know wat? m kinda confused abt sth..u said u went to meet up someone? huh? and nuthin abt it..i mean wat all i understud(mayb m too dumb) is that u went to meet up smone..met and thn lost in yr photgraphy again?? huh?? pretty confusin no :o(  n uwent on yr own? i mean alone?? wahh..that inspires me a lot.. :o) u r pretty inspirin..
    n u gotta b kiddin me..i actually won myself a ride?? woahhh… hee hee.. dont tempt me too much rides r sth too temptin to resist!

  5. Sapna March 24, 2006 / 9:04 pm

    hmmm free bird ho na…kisi din words dil se nikal hi ayenge….meh koi juari(gambler) nahi jo words se play karu lol….abhi pics dekhti hu aapki….smileeeee

  6. Sapna March 24, 2006 / 9:11 pm

    sach beautiful pictures…pictures se jyaada woh lamhe jo aapne mehsus kiyeh…that must have been most beautiful!

  7. Sapna March 24, 2006 / 9:12 pm

    kisko milne gayeh theh shaba??? aapne ayneh ko dekhne gayeh theh?

  8. Sapna March 27, 2006 / 11:33 am

    aapne tho bari khoobsoorati seh usseh ageh likh daala….dekho har insaan ke andhar chupe zazbaath….kahi na kahi ubhar ayeh hai…aapki ayena ek din ruh baru aapke saamne khari hogi…talaash karne ki naubat hi nahi ayegi….uthana kaheko ayene ko…woh tho aap meh samayi hogi…leteh firteh hai aap usseh din raath seeneh meh chupaye hueh…

  9. Sapna March 27, 2006 / 11:37 am

    Is Freebird – ke words toh nikal hi aate hain .. lekin aksar kho hi jaate hain kahin par..
    khokar paana…ek bara ehsaas hai…ki khoneh ki aur paaneh kE mayne hi badal deteh hai…

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