Rishikesh (Uttaranchal)

Its just another run of a mill – one night trip that has given enough to remind me of the wonderful time I had. Holding onto the excitement from past 5 days to see this weekend come to reality… and it finally did.
It was a trip basically to do photography with 2 more experienced people around me and me just a mere observer to see them get the best they can.
We reached Haridwar travelling in Shatabdi express and then from haridwar to rishikesh in a small tempo type traveller. Checked in to a hotel with our hunger killing us. But we sure were not going to let our hunger kill us instead we killed it by landing up at famous "Choti Wala" restaraunt.
What a bad start .. The weather is such a wonderful one but not one that we would have expected – it was overcast and no light to fit us for our shots. Shots … yes we got few shots and I am not really sure how much gud they wud come out as the light was really bad.  A small walk and we are the beach.. whaaoa they appeared so gud with water level sunk below the usual water level at this time of the year. Having a blast of time with band of boys.. that we sure made.. capturing eyes of all the people around… of course due the big pro lenses .
Almost tired willing to get back to our room to chillout before we are to take round 2 of day 1. Back in room it was 20C with AC chilling us down..  Gosh… it was funtime  and again we were willing to take round 2. But without our camera’s and we were relaxing out with kind of breeze on that big "Laxman Jhula " bridge. Back to our room to get deep down to our sleep.
Alarm at 0545 hours and still we dont wanna leave our bed till 06:30 as we were so much cosy as we can be.
At Morning, it seems the sun might make its way out of the clouds and it did till the time we had our breakfast and by the time we were back out .. it again spoiled our mood.
But this time I was trying to give a shot at swimming – which I dont know till now and funny thing still is I didnt got a hang of it even after spending almost an hour in that flow of Ganga waters. Blouody – I wud better learn it in swimming pool. My big shooters were no way willing to give up a chase on the Baba ji’s in the traditional prayers at the end of the day. Almost by the afternoon we were in beach again on the big rock that offered us the most amazing shots of river rafting and kayaking… Wonderfull…….
By 1600hrs we were back in our room to packup and rush back … to Haridwar to catch our Shatabadi Express.. I cn really feel the rush to reach the Railway station as we might skip our 3 mins stopover of the train. 
P.S : Pics will uploaded only in some weeks time as I already am heading for Hills this weekend and havent had any time to upload my pics yet..  I am sure.. I can treat your eyes sooon.  CheerS …. SmilE all .

6 thoughts on “Rishikesh (Uttaranchal)

  1. sweeti's April 11, 2006 / 9:40 am

    Im looking forward to ur pics M.
    I love to see pics   Memories of the moments
    Seems a wodnerful trip   Nature with that river rafting
    Around Mai 20 we go to some kind of area
    Gonna take pics than
    Much love

  2. Prithvi April 11, 2006 / 3:09 pm

    hmmm….i guess u really enjoyed ur trip, didn\’t u ? looking forward to thode pics….display them soon!

  3. Trouble April 11, 2006 / 3:53 pm

    Wud love to see d pics! I went to rishikesh last year fr rafting.. it is a heavenly place.. loved it!

  4. Shilpa April 12, 2006 / 5:33 am

    looks like ur quite a wanderer 🙂
    my friends were in rishikesh recently and looks like its an awesome place. have seen the pics would like to see more from u.

  5. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ April 12, 2006 / 9:28 am

    purifying ur soul eh?always wanted to go there.looking froward to the pics so i can get a taste of it.gr space tc ciao

  6. Guneet April 13, 2006 / 9:04 am

    Hey Freebird….
    U seem to be flying here, there and everywhere!!! Seems like a quaint lil weekend u had…….I wonder sometimes if brief getaways dont make more refreshing sense than those long holidays…..hmmm…..
    U seem to be quite justifying ur title of being a Traveller……waiting to see those pics…..
    take care,

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