kanda – The Hidden lake

Kanda – The Hidden Lake.

One of my friend popped up with this name which was not on any of HP Maps and I have no thoughts but just to find it out. This was just an idea of exploring something which was more then an excitement now as u know that there is nothing out there on google about a place called "kanda" – THe Hidden Lake.
It took us a little while to head down searching for details but I knew once I am in hills and that too in a place called Himachal Pradesh – its as gud as my own home. To some it may come as a surprise but I have asked out for a Wingman and who else then once a companion before on a ride in January. – Nitin Gera – Another CBZoid – Another Shutter addict – Doesnt gives up .. Just Like a FreeBirD
2006 Apr’14
The day that was to mark the beginning for the unseen that lies somewhere deep in hills at such a place that not many have been there. We started on the long strech of plains for 250kms and we nearly covered it in smooth ride as we were settling down with the terrains. As soon as we reached kalka it was a ride so smooth that we will scrap our footpegs to scare those cage riders untill their jaw dropped open in an awe of unseen bikers ever in their lives. By mid day at about 1430hours we were in shimla ready to rumble still as this never
seems like we have already crossed 380kms and we still were so full with the enthusiasm. The Ride from Shimla to Rampur was one that wanted us to stop every few kilometres to take the fresh breath and realise that this is heaven on Earth. The First view to snow covered peaks was something that just came up as a surprise. We crossed Rampur and the destination was unclear it was already 1730hours. We initially planned to stop by at Jeori but then we still can see the light and the next destination is about 37kms.
The Darkness surrounded us and we had to extend it next 10kms then intended plan of 37kms reached to 47kms. Found a place to stay in HPTDC rest house with bit of hassle as to getting a room. Got a room that was just okays type but when you are tired it really doesnt matter. The geyser isnt working but well.. we got the heating rod instead… what a Relief.. it works. We planned out the next day the very same night as we didnt knew what lies ahead. A good sleep is all we required and we got too…
2006 Apr’15
Got up with the alarm sounding in my ear at 0530 hours to pack our stuff and get going. It was almost 0800Hrs by the time we left. We hardly would have driven a kilometre when Nitin’s Rear tyre was flat out and the time to dare…
Nitin took off the rear tyre and I took it back on my bike for a repair accounting to an hour delay in our planned journey time. The road from Karchham till Sangla was beautiful to see as the snow peaks was right in front of our eyes. Nothing between our eyes and snow peaks. Blouody Amazing. Reached Sangla by 1030 and with the breakfast and packed lunch for our next journey – The Real Adventure.
With the locals saying its not the best time to leave at this hour – we still were sure to accomplish it with – No give up spirits. The Climb – it was 70 degrees steep uphill – BINGO – we were low on our energy levels. Each time we used to come to an end of a turn we were praying to god this is the last one.. and it never used to happen. Finally after crossing the few patches of Snow we finally saw a plain area of nothing but just few abandoned houses.
WAIT……. LETS atleast have a lunch and go back – (Really Disappointed)
Oye Woh dekh – we did it….
We saw the First view of KANDA – IT WAS AWESOME.
We checked the abandoned houses… nothing much to do but just sit and relax – take deep breaths quickly finish up our packed lunch and then get on to action with our Camera. It was hard to find it and then now we have found it – its even more hard to leave it. Weather was playing SPOIL sport… we have to rush down as the winds were piercing our head and we sure didnt wanted to get stuck in any unseen situations.
The downhill climb was even more arduous as the weather went Berserk on us. It took us a little while but then we were finally back at sangla encountering the rain on way back. What an exciting Day. Reached back at the Room – and we were struggling with pains – to beat it even more.. We did the trek in 3 hours as compared to 4 hours of normal trek time. Are we from plains… ?? NOoooh … we just were so enthusiastic to achieve what we have come for.
The day ended with little flaunting with a lady restaurant owner who became too friendly with these two chaps from Delhi. Finally feeling nice after a long nice tiring day.
2006 Apr’16
The day that was to become the best of our whole journey so far. We left as quick as we can with the pain loosing on its effect by the morning. we took our seat on steeds to head down the last of our planned Journeys. CHITKUL – the road ends here. Last point till where you can drive. We reached Chitkul with weather detoriating then what we could have expected out of it. We reached Chitkul which was FUKIN FREEZIN at 2 Degrees Celcius. What da hell… Just 26kms back we were in 17-18C and all of sudden we are in 2C. The minute we reached there.. we had to look out for hot tea not one but Two cups instead with Boiled eggs.
Parked our Soulmates in the heavenly place and shot them till people around can wonder what these two guys were upto. Left them alone while we walked down to River on that wooden log bridge which lets us cross over to snow covered river beach. Can you imagine the river with snow on its beach then instead of Sand. If you cant then wait till u see the pictures.We rushed back as quick as we can since I can sense out that the weather is about to Rape us bad. Left Chitkul with last few shots and … we just got the light snow flakes falling on us. GOD…….DIS is UnBelIevablE. It was light flakes which turned Heavier ….. and we
were still riding through since we had no intentions to loose ourselves in thick of things.
But we still managed to try few interesting Shots. The visibility from inside our Helmets was dead ZERO. Found a place below a hanging cliff and we managed to shrug off the layers of snow from our jackets.
Ride that is to become the best of our times to remember – Has been logged in the book of our Life. We reached back sangla where we hooked on our bags and left back for Home… Have driven about 13kms and BANG ON – my rear tyre had a flat tyre with a 2" nail inside it. Unwanted breaks …..HuH !! Drove on sittin on my tank with the flat rear to a BIG Workshop where they just work on the trucks for Hydro power plant supply. Talked with the supervisor who got me through with the things and helped me get my tyre fixed. Weather really was sucking us. The rain stopped for a while but then … I was low on Fuel. Have to tell Nitin
to go ahead and get me few litres of fuel for my steed.
On way back, the journey just started to become more and more tough. No roads Just the dirt and the wet water made it difficult to control our machine mates. Though the rains was no relief but we finally were far off to see the clouds stay behind us now. we were hungry by afternoon but no lunch for us. We got to see the vultures so close for the first time in our lives .. .just about 10 foots away and they were huge. Imagine the wingspan – 1.8mtrs .. GOSH they fly just like A FREEBIRD… We almost had a day of our live to remember.
Reached RAMPUR finally with darkness surrounding us. Its Sunday and hard to find the market open. we reached Rampur Circuit house and ABE OYE – YEH to JANNAT hai – AB yahin pe rukenge. And we had to struggle with the caretaker to find a place. He was bit not willing to give us a room but few extra bugs and there we were in Jannat.
The best place to stay in mere moolah – Kingsize Suite with what all we can ever imagine. BHAI LOG this was the best place to stay from all my previous journeys.
2006 Apr’17
Day when the weather is still not very clear but we have to get up early since this kingsize suite comes with the best of flowering around this castle. We were bitten by shutter bug for a long long time. Its almost 0830 and we were back on our steeds.
We started off smoothly on road that was nice to ride on but we didnt wanted to return back. Unfortunately, we have to. To make it more memorable… we decided to get on to a bridge with our bikes and click few shots.. which are to become my Wallpapers.
Soon the weather was again fooling us with hot streamy sun shining on our heads. We have to reduce the layers of clothes with each kilometre cutting down. Shoops its Shimla that we are to get close too – AND the sky is all DEEP grey……. the view becomes Highly impressive with the most colorful houses below that dark grey sky.
We were scrapping off our footpegs by now – I just saw a board for CAFE COFFEE DAY and that was to be our next halt in DHARAMPUR… oh yeaah – Big Relief. After 30 minutes of sippin hot coffee and a sandwich it was a helluva nice break.
Soon we were at Panchula and the rains stopped us for the first time – It was heavier then ever.. but mere 5 minutes is all it stopped us for and then the remaining 250kms were Harsh on us. We both wished we had R6 for now…….. With 3 stops for 10 minutes each we reached split point and a HUG to remember this Journey and SAY – " THIS IS THE BEST OF OUR JOURNEYS."
IMPRESSIVE But more IMPRESSIVE JUST in our memories and our Photos.
P.S.: Do not intend to perform the same unless completely aware of the risks involved.

18 thoughts on “kanda – The Hidden lake

  1. Trouble April 20, 2006 / 12:52 pm

    Hmm.. i never heard abt this place.. bt I\’d make sure I visit it 😀 (after making myself aware of the risks involved :p)
    Quite a trip.. where r the pics? 😀

  2. sweeti's April 20, 2006 / 1:44 pm

    what a trip 
    and uv seen paradise….
    and a bit of helll  wow what an adventure
    Waiting for the pics 
    TC Mani

  3. Rokhini April 20, 2006 / 2:08 pm

    thx for tagging on my blog…nice blog you got here.. well i\’ve been in singapore since i was born BUT i am an indian at heart.. and really long post i\’d say…but i can see that you had some gr8 experience… enjoy!

  4. sweeti's April 20, 2006 / 3:34 pm

    Beautifullll   Just one word   ….Mani
    I love ur pics  ..
    Wish i could be there  and see with my own eyes.
    Nature is a gift from the Gods…Lets respect it
    and enjoy it
    TC for sharing
    Big hug

  5. Guru April 21, 2006 / 5:12 am

    Great update on the trip mate and cool pictures too. There must be a sense of achievement and joy within saying " yess .. we did it". I had been to Hardwar, Rishikesh and surrounding areas during last quarter of 2005. The memory is still fresh. Bliss place. 
    I was impressed by the TOI article on you .. its a no mean feat. Well done 🙂 Peace !!

  6. Shruti April 21, 2006 / 10:10 am

    This blog was really a pleasure to read.
    I wish I could write so well.
    Updated my blog.

  7. Rokhini April 22, 2006 / 9:58 am

    umm sorri but i dun know hindi… but ur comment meant that ur glad to know that i\’m a hindu rite???
    n i found out that i\’m an orange XD

  8. Mohit April 22, 2006 / 12:55 pm

    whoa… personally i could never do  wat u guys did..amazing..n a intersting read and amazing pics….

  9. Prithvi April 22, 2006 / 4:25 pm

    baapre !!! I was searching for the end ! neways,looks like u had lotsa fun ! good haa..pics ??
    do u think Dhoni is getting too much media attention ? have ur say plz on my space..wud be glad to read ur comment on what u have to say on it

  10. Rokhini April 23, 2006 / 11:26 am

    great pictures u got here, i really admire ur photography skills.. wonderful pictures… really capture the essence of ur trip… lovely…

  11. Fαтιмα April 23, 2006 / 9:54 pm

    hey hi, today i\’m visiting spaces, and i\’m happy to discover yours!!
    keep smiling and have a wonderful day! (。◕‿◕。✿)
    …………………-.\’…..\’.-. ……………-(……\\…./…..)-. …………./…..\’….oOo…\’….\\. ..,……….\\.–.oOOOOOo.-\’-./. ..|\\..,…..(..\’..:oOOOOOo:…’). ._\\.\\/|…../\’–\’oOOOOOo\’-\’-\’\\. .\’-…;/|….\\…….\’\’oOo\’\’……./. ..–`\’..:/|..\’-(…../….\\…..)-. ..\’–..`../..//..\’–\’.__.\’–´. ….`\’-,_\’;//. ………..\'(( ……………………..\\\\……………………………………
    hey hi, today i\’m visiting spaces, and i\’m happy to discover yours!!
    keep smiling and have a wonderful day! (。◕‿◕。✿)
    …………………-.\’…..\’.-. ……………-(……\\…./…..)-. …………./…..\’….oOo…\’….\\. ..,……….\\.–.oOOOOOo.-\’-./. ..|\\..,…..(..\’..:oOOOOOo:…’). ._\\.\\/|…../\’–\’oOOOOOo\’-\’-\’\\. .\’-…;/|….\\…….\’\’oOo\’\’……./. ..–`\’..:/|..\’-(…../….\\…..)-. ..\’–..`../..//..\’–\’.__.\’–´. ….`\’-,_\’;//. ………..\'(( ……………………..\\\\……………………………………

  12. Yogesh April 24, 2006 / 3:46 pm

    Hey Freebird….
    Flying high as usual..I envy your passion for bikes…and true spirit to wonder like a nomad….I guess the traveller inside me is currently to bogged with work..but I guess its ok for now…I will wander away some day soon…Destination Unknow.
    Love The Pics….Although they are breathtaking and beautiful….they says much less….But I am sure there is so much you must have seen and felt..Keep this wildness and fly to many more lands…and keep posting for some of us…who can do what we do best for now…ARMCHAIR travelling..
    Please take care of yourself…sleep enough before you head of in to the mist of the mornings…(i lost a good friend who was on a bike trip to Ladak  last May)
    AND ONE CORRECTION- Those Fashion Shoot images I have currently posted was done by a friend and a Faculty at Photography Department at my Design School..I prefer to do Ramp Shoots and Outdoor Shoots…The Ones currently in my blog were done inside Studio…And I am still a learner at LIGHTING…The Textile and Clothing in those Pics are done by me…as a part of the various Subjects….and Yeah you can do a shoot for me…for really wanna try your hand on it…and as for Coffee…Sure someday…Someday when time permits.

  13. icy April 26, 2006 / 3:07 pm

    i envy you really!!
    I was made for mountains and here I face the dust and grime of plains..
    i can feel the magic of Kanda lake….. mesmerizing

  14. Guneet April 26, 2006 / 6:41 pm

    Damn you freebird!!!!!! You\’re having fun and adventures enough for too many people combined!!!!! Oh the envy i have for youuuuuuu!!! Your colorful feathers and ur high flights are really amking me wonder abt taking off somewhere meself! Tsk Tsk…..life is unfair!
    You go on traveller you……never say this was the best adventure ever……..i am sure you\’ll find many to top this experince!!!
    envious green smirks to you : P ; )
    stay alive though,

  15. revati May 4, 2006 / 2:31 pm

    BRILLIANT pictures
    and im SO jealous..im quite a traveller myself, but prefer the beaches and sun and san type more. nevertheless the travel bug is easy to waver and the mountains did clook tempting today in your pics. thats how nice they are.
    really, you\’re so lucky!

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