A connection.. HappinesS

Its hard to find what makes you happy especially when nothing around you is giving you satisafaction whether it the world or its the same four walls of my room. I realised the more you try to please others the more they think this person is doing a favor. I mean I dont have a motive then to say it just makes me happy to see others happy. I will keep a check on myself to not let others go unhappy from me but then make sure you have done your task too.
I feel more pleased with the people whom i dont know and yet comes to a point to make them happy and see a smile in return. I just found that in my photos… and the people i clicked..i just enjoyed those moments sharing and enjoying the happy times… Its more then happines.. click a Shot .. share it with the ones who have not been clicked before as they would love to be seen as what you have potrayed as… – And to share it with them the same moment makes them Happy.. No more then Happy – More then they can look themselves in the Mirror.
I have just found my happiness in the objects that have taken me places then asking it or expecting it from Humans I know. Just my small time obsessions with my Camera and my motorcycle with whom I have reached a high. I have been harsh to say it but really to tell that you love to see them happy is to ask to much from them but if you can walk to unknown and make them happy is the Happiest feeling because that smile somehow will last forever.
Havent you been more happy sharing your happiness with the strangers then with the known ones.. They make me more happy then my own people… 
Thank You my Camera ..
Thank You my Bike..
Thank You my Shoes..
Thank You my Helmet..
Thank You my Materialistic World.. You please me More often.. then the breathing world.

10 thoughts on “A connection.. HappinesS

  1. Prithvi May 31, 2006 / 7:25 am

    hey there !How have u been ? Long time no c yaar…..yaar..can u just increase that font size ?

  2. sweeti's May 31, 2006 / 2:24 pm

    I just feel the same
    When we did the projects in Sri Lanka  (We still do)
    those eyes of the kids said  Thank U.  Just without words   and those smiles   ….
    I never forget   They are burned on my retina
    Thats why we doing it for dotn we?
    Beautiful pics of those kids
    I love this entry
    Much love

  3. sonia June 1, 2006 / 11:42 am

    immortalize the moment! world through your lookig glass and as you percieve it! very nice snaps from an extremely sensitive person!
    take care

  4. Guneet June 4, 2006 / 1:43 pm

    hey there my biker friend! How goes it with you? Feeling any better than the last time i was here? Well lemme chk tht thank youi list…….hmmmm, yep, yep….looks like ur cheering up real nice! Good for you!!!!
    Ah,things og the world……they are so much better sometimes than ppl arent they?
    Well as long as they make u cheery……
    take care,

  5. Sapna June 4, 2006 / 8:50 pm

    urteh diwaneh!!!!!! lo meh aah gayi…….yu laga jaise ye duniya kitni apni si ho gayi hai….sab parti ruhi…dekhti ruhi…sochti ruhi….baas yu hi safar meh nikal pari….khayalo ki…..ki awaaz ayi….kaha ho DQ!

  6. Rokhini June 5, 2006 / 3:24 pm

    id say that it has been a long time since i tagged on ur blog. well… howz u buddy? the pictures look gr8 as usual… and yes.. many a times i feel that people dun deserve our thanks and i go about thanking non living things for their existence.. it\’s a weird phase i suppose.. anyway.. do take care.

  7. Sapna June 5, 2006 / 7:09 pm

    Itna yaad karne ka shukriya…shaayad ghar waloh ne bhi itna yaad na kiya hoga! sach kaha these pictures have a tune of their own….na janeh kaisa safar tha…kay kahu kaya nahi…har ek safar kuch ulhaj sa javeh hai….

    zindagi isi ka naam hai
    pal pal ke sapne
    na tum hue na woh hue apne
    safar kat jaayega
    us umeed ke sahaare
    jo banayi hai badalon ke us kinaare
    bahut khoob…beautifully said…..smile tho …aisa kuch hai…zalim zamane ne itna sataya hai ki royi hai zindagi aur gum muskuraya hai…ye bhi tho ek tareh ki smile hi hui hai na?

  8. Sapna June 5, 2006 / 7:36 pm

    aiming to break the darkness is so beautiful….may i steal the picture please?

  9. Sapna June 8, 2006 / 9:48 pm

    jeena bhule theh kaha kuch yaad nahi…smile!

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