Off I go… Not yet – RaiN Da TwisTeR

HuH, thats how it sounds now.. Now, its a bit too much to turn me on my decision but then It totally was not in our favor, God Just played the spoil sport.. After seeing the rain all night, it doesnt leaves us with the chance to drive in rain for over 12hours and then the place where there are no roads….  Its juss gonna be mess so Last minute pull off has come into the act and we are postponing it and not even cancelling it.
Thankx, Nitin for being adamant to my decision till it came off in the last minute… I sure cn count on you being a true friend and a perfect person to help me understand myself better…
To my Self, its not cancelled its just postponed… for another two weeks,, Chill out.
~!!~SiGh ~!!~

4 thoughts on “Off I go… Not yet – RaiN Da TwisTeR

  1. Guru July 12, 2006 / 6:03 am

    Easy mate, it happens for good. It\’s always wise to keep track of the weather when travelling far under the sky. Wish you a adventurous journey and drive safe with enough resting stops on the way.Take care, peace !!

  2. Trouble July 13, 2006 / 10:09 am

    Uh oh! That\’s okay M. Don\’t worry. See, it\’s just postponed, not cancelled, as you said. So look fwd to it and be happy :)Cheers,Divoo

  3. Rokhini July 13, 2006 / 3:45 pm

    hey dude,
    i havnt come by in a long time, how have you been? dun worry, im sure ur trip will go on well in the end. 2 weeks will fly past soon. take care.

  4. Vibhav July 28, 2006 / 11:11 am

    dude.. we dont travel on a bike..:)we free our minds and souls while we ride!

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