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Now Heres some Vital Stats (Source : Times of India)

The amount of time that people spend on travel has been consistent at 1.1 hours per person per day in all socities. The Average distance travelled is 12,000kms per year. In total, the world population travels more than 23 trillion kms per year. 53% of which is by car, 26% by bus, 9% by rail, 9% by high speed transport such as airplanes and 3% by bicycle, boat and other means.
Now as per above facts, I would fall into the last category travelling extensively by motorcycle.
To add to it I would just keep this entry as my one spot for all travel distances added into one spot.
Here’s how it goes on my list of travel.

My Travel Beginning        – May’00                -5 Nights and 6 Days  – 1060kms
My First Biking                – September’01      -5 Nights and 6 days  – 1260kms     
My First Solo                   – November’03      – 2 Nights and 3 Days  – 760Kms
My Trophy of Life           – June’04               – 10 Nights 11 Days     – 2200kms
Finding Myself                – Septermber’04     – 6 Nights 7 Days        – 1800kms
Honeymoon Charm         – November’04      – 4 Nights 5 Days         – 1620kms
Chill out Quickie               – January’05         – 1 Night 2 Days          – 1040kms

My First ride with a Gurl   – April’05             – 1 Night 2 Days        – 750kms

My Raid de Leh                – August’05          – 4 Nights 5 Days         – 2200kms
My Raid II                         -October’05         – 1 Night 2 Days          – 900kms
My Birthday Flight            – January’06         – 1 Night 2 Days          – 1040kms
I found a wingman           – April’06              – 4 Nights 5 Days         – 1300kms
A Days Ride, Rishikesh      – Aug’06                 – 1 Day                        –  500kms
Moon Lake                          – Aug’06                – 3 Nights 4 days        – 1400kms
Third Time Leh                     – Sep’06               – 8 Nights 9 days         – 2600kms
Soulmate Travel, Rishikesh – Oct’06                – 2 Nights 3 days         – 550kms
Biker soulmatin                     – Nov’06               – 2 Nights 3 days         – 930kms
Soulmatin II                       – Dec ’06               – 3 Nights 4 days         – 700kms

Other travelling by scooter, bus, plane and trucks not included which makes it a total of additional 12000kms till date.
More will keep on adding into this same spot.

15 thoughts on “Free FlightS

  1. Trouble July 27, 2006 / 8:36 am

    Gosh! I haven\’t even travelled 1/3rd of it :p :)Awrite, I agree to your points on TFV 🙂 I was just kidding about it :)"Sky is the limit" has amaizng pics M. Oooh I loved those pics! 🙂

  2. sweeti's July 28, 2006 / 2:04 pm

    On June o4 ….. finding urself 1800 km 6 nights    7 days.
    U give ur rides  a name???and did U???Find urself i mean?
    and Chilll out quickie 1040 1 night 2 days..
    How do u feel after that?????   Can u still stand up?????normally
    I mean so many km… same position..Doesn;it it hurts after some time
    wow    I do most long distance   by plane  haha
    yeah to SL its 18000 return   so that can count   in 2 weeks…
    TC and if God allows u    U can make a million….km……
    God bless

  3. SAURABH July 29, 2006 / 11:29 am

    itni saari travelling… ost i m comming to delhi..and planning to go out with frens…u\’ll have to join us then…
    this much amt of travel really needs some special or divine strength…as we say when you are required to exhibit strength, it comes… i think ths the case here… coz u love to do such things ..u enjoy it..and u get motivated by urself … cool yaar…
    changa fir …

  4. Trouble July 31, 2006 / 6:55 am

    Happy monday! Hope you had a happy satruday and sunday! 🙂

  5. Mojindro August 1, 2006 / 12:13 pm

    wat a measurement yaar………i dont think that anybody can do calculations to this extent…..i also luv travelling……..should i also follow ur rules………no baba..such a hectic job…………well keep it up dear………make a record……take care………..

  6. Trouble August 1, 2006 / 4:14 pm

    M, you know what, everyone here has become a fan of your pictures. Here as in my friend circle 🙂 What\’s the normal resolution of your pics M?Hey I\’ve uploaded some latest clude pics on flickr. Check them out :)Cheers,Divoo

  7. SAURABH August 2, 2006 / 10:46 am

    Please check my blog, and provide some inputs for the Delhi Spacer\’s Meet, I need your Help & Suggestion to make that meet a Success, Lets see if it works, please do visit and comment as per what you think.

  8. Trouble August 3, 2006 / 8:45 am

    Thanks for the info M 🙂 O btw, I\’m bad at numbers so I guess I\’d not be the best person to keep a count of your fans. I\’d rather wish that the number of your fans becomes uncountable :DCheers,Divoo

  9. Trouble August 3, 2006 / 8:46 am

    Would you be able to attend the delhi spacers meet, if at all it happens? I\’d love to get clicked with and click a great photographer like you :D:D

  10. Trouble August 4, 2006 / 10:32 am

    Hey M, where did you drop your messsenger id? I can\’t find it 😦

  11. Trouble August 4, 2006 / 3:58 pm

    Uh oh! M, do you have a yahoo id? I dont use msn in office.. okay I\’ll cu after coming back. Dunno if the spacers meet would happen or if I\’d be able to join.. will install msn then and chat with you :DLove,Divoo

  12. SAURABH August 5, 2006 / 5:48 am

    bhai i\’ll call u by the end of the day .. this meet looks like a tuff job man…

  13. Sapna August 5, 2006 / 7:15 pm

    Jo kehna tha humne sun liya mani….
    baas ek smile ke ilava kya deh sakti hu…
    fly to horizons far….dekho koun hai waha….paas meh  tho hai…aapke andhar hi tho hai…

  14. Sapna August 6, 2006 / 7:42 am

    Uss picture ke liyeh thank you nahi kahungi….hugzzzzzzz…..

  15. Guneet August 9, 2006 / 9:53 am

    Hiya Birdy!
    Wassup? How u been? loooongggg time no see……..but u see, i was away, but now am back, tell me everything! which corner of the earth didya explore in this time? 12000kms??? really? i mean really really? The is so awesomeO!!!!  I hope u get to add a gazzilion others to this number! when ur doing wht u love, i guess statistics are jst numbers afterall, aye?
    U take care now, and i\’ll cya soon,

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