Accept Life

Accept !! Is everything supposed to be accepted in life
Well this starts on the Sour note of how things get in life with time. We all humans have no control over somethings and then to accept it all. Changes – The only one thing that is constant will keep on happening on its own pace. The life around these few words get so bound with time that we some how let ourself get affected in our regular lives.
This would sound like an agression being let out from deep inside for everything to accept the changes in and around me but in the end I have not other option.
Theres always a way out of everything that you get in …. But then to accept the way the changes happen
Somewhere those changes have been predefined and now when you have placed yourself in a position where you were not supposed to be in the first place… It makes you sad to think about everything and to find a way out… looks simple .. sounds easier but hardest to do. Some of the things in life are just left to simply Accept.
Juss being tired of accepting life and its juss that I want to break free
I want to fly away
Fly away from the wordly possessions
Want to go where theres a worth of a human emotions
Somewhere I want to belong
Somewhere I want to live
Somewhere I want to forget everything
Somewhere I just want to belong
Somewhere I have my presence felt in lives of others
Somewhere I am known for being myself
Somewhere I dont want to accept the life as it comes
Somewhere I can create my own world
Somewhere I am not just I
Somewhere I word doesnt ends the world around..
I guess these emotions are coming out in the way its all been locked out for a while but this is the only let out for me..
Accepting things the way they came all the time is simply not me but to live them in a way with accepting and making them work for me is just me in more better words..
Wud be back here a lot more in space of time to come…  🙂
Coming back to spaces soon

One thought on “Accept Life

  1. Trouble December 21, 2006 / 7:40 am

    🙂 Like you\’ve already mentioned, you need to MAKE thinks work in a way that\’s acceptable to you. So go ahead! 🙂

    I\’m going home tomorrow.. will be back on 26th.

    Merry Xmas! 🙂

    And ye, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff here 😀


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