A return to the FreeBirD … In an attempt to fly again.

To all that I belong somewhere among the crowd, I am human but to the entire of my life I feel theres no point being a face in the crowd and loose your identity. I belonged somewhere way above the crowd and landed among the pitiest of all the creation and found myself in the dust of the earth… to raise again and fly with the wings is the challenge now. I dont want to loose my worth this time to some one who is sheer human, to existence with the need and desire and the love they need but I want some one one who is above the crowd.  Some one who knows the life in the form of life and lives it loud to enjoy the existence then being a mere part of the crowd.
I have cut down my wings of freedom my ownself for the love and pride of other to get the ultimate return of being the Biggest turndown of my life. Never in my wildest of the dreams I thought some one would ever walk over me in such a manner to whom I had given a whole lot more then anything which very few or almost no one gets in life. Something I do wanna share with all and just be me again, A FreeBird, A Free Soul, and A Free spirit…
Theres so much misery among men that belong to the race and creed of existence, they simply never realise the importance of giving space and freedom to others then just being in the attention of everybody eye they get. Sometimes people become loosers and they have a habit of being one regardless even they are told to win and are standing at a winning line.
To all, and esp DQ, your nut is back again in his flight..
I m getting all my wings back, in shape and in perfect order.
Cheers to all who thought I was out and dead but I am back again with a wings to make them fly again.Thank you all for your patience and visitng me still.

2 thoughts on “A return to the FreeBirD … In an attempt to fly again.

  1. Sapna June 23, 2007 / 11:28 am

    Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!!! "Welcome back"
    Parvaane se ye muth pucho…deewaane pe kya guzri hai…
    Kaise ho mani? kaha kaha uran li…zindagi kya deh jaathi hai kya leh jaathi hai? sab dekh rahi hu….Jab punchi uran leta hai kya woh khudse ye puchta hai ki kaha, kyu, kaise? baas uran leta hai…koi saath deh jayeh uss uran meh woh aapna…jo reh jayeh woh sapna hai!!
    Aapni urano ko underestimate na karna kabhi….har uran ek naya ehsaas ek rung deh jaatha hai….Nothing is ever lost….
    You did not cut down your wings…you slowed your flight to accompany ur burd….jaha thuk uran saath ho saka hua….agar uss uran meh ek punchi ne saath diya tho kya lagta hai aapko aur na hoga?
    sach kahu tho bahut miss kiya hugs…na janeh kaha kaha se hug maang rahi thi….
    Kalmoohe ab yaad ayi humri loool "stickin mah tongue out" na na pullin ur leg re….ye lo hug ……..ooooff jao tho pehle shower karke aoh…..aur yikes ye socks jo resources of ur parfume industry hai…uneh kripa doh le….
    Iss waqt me in Africa hun!!
    Glaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa d to see you….

  2. Sapna July 4, 2007 / 8:35 pm

    Kya bhool rahi hu? dudh ka glass ya fruits pillow ke paas?
    hugssssssssssssssssss mani, dil meh hazar toofan sa hai iss waqt……….baas na janeh kyu ye na pucho………
    bund ankhon se dekhe sapne kam dard deteh hai..khuli ankhon se dekeh tho ankhon se ya tho samundar sa beh jayeh ya khud ko baha jaye hai…ka kari…isi meh zindagi guzar jayeh hai….
    sochti hu na rehne doh kuch na bolti…….
    hum insaan kar bhi kya sakte hai? dil tho bahut gehrai thuk javeh hai…lekin uska ehsaas kitno ko reh gaya hai? khokhle aur superficial rishte bante jaate hai, sab daur hi raheh hai sahab …baas daur raheh hai….daur hi raheh hai
    mauka doh na doh hum tho ek saans meh fir bhi kitna bol gaye lol…..na janeh kitne dinoh baad ek muskaan si ayi mereh chehreh par after reading you…baas ek hunsi bhi kabhi gavara na hoti hai…
    mani o mani…
    hugsssssssssss dil se……….

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