Giving life… !!

Another usual day at home, after office and in evening.. I was told by mom to go temple, its Tuesday.. Hanuman ji ki jai ho !!
and on the way back to temple I saw a dog in a bad state. I juss felt he was sick and I moved on. On the way back, I find him struggling to live his life. He was in a terrible state of existence. His kneck was cut badly and it was big deep cut with his eyes all closed, no screams no shouts, he was in as miserable state with pain, only he would have known. 
I just couldnt see him like that for I called Sapna, to ask if she can give me a number for animal people who can pick this poor life and give him any treatment, but she was out. Called up Tina, to get me the details for this NGO, Frendicoes – she wasnt home but told me 10mins and to beat it, it really was 12 mins which is by far too good as indian people standards. She dig out the number for the NGO, and I was back on track.
Called up the NGO, told them the description of the animal and the address with my details to call me up. I was out by the dog, and some one told me that they put the medicine on it.. I asked what.. Phenyl they said.. and I uttered abuse to my ownself to hear that. Pittying the poor life, I dont see this animal making it that long. But atleast I m waiting to pick him up before he dies here…  In a hope to save him, I just waited for the Animal van to come.
It took about an hour and 25mins to reach me but then there was a young lad with driver. He picked up his stick with metal wire in it.. and I told him you wont really need that… . Took him to the place where he was dragged from the door of someone’s to a dingy place under some stairs.  This chap named Ram pulled him out, and carried in his arms to put into the van.
The minute he put this dog into the Van, there was crowd and from the crowd came another guy who said, I have another dog in same condition at my home but the driver wont pick it up. So I called up NGO, and spoke to them… while they ordered the driver to pick the another one.  The Q in driver’s mind was – if its their own dog, they will not take it.. but while Ram goes and sees the dog, it was a stray dog, smelling much worst… and then.. this one was still able to scream to his pains.
Gosh, the dogs were loaded into the Van, and it went .. and so I was relieved to have done something an EXTRA in my life.
It was a relief to tell I did something nice atleast to confess it to myself, It was a nice thing. Otherwise, I also could have left him in the same condition. Who really cares, People die on roads like dogs so who wud think of a dog, is the case in Delhi these days ..
I was relieved now… for my doings…
But to say, today morning – just about an hour back, I got the call from NGO saying that both the dogs were too late to come in, and they have passed out !!
Sorry to share but..
Incase, you are in delhi and ever see any stray animal struggling to make life, I m not an animal lover but I cant even let a dying one die that easily…
Please call up – Frendicoes
011 24314787

6 thoughts on “Giving life… !!

  1. Sapna July 21, 2007 / 11:41 am

     Jo zakhm dikh jayeh usseh ghauv kehte hai , jo na dikheh usseh kya kahenge?
    Menu ki hona si? meh theh ateh hi haigi haan, thusi dhaso kiteh si,
    Aapko kaise bhool jau, aap khudko bhul jaaya karteh hai…
    Muskuraneh waaleh tho bahut kam likheh hai meneh lol, muskurau tho hi likhu na….muskurau tho bhi aise ehsaas nikle hai ki duja hi muskurana bhool jayeh…kya naseeb hai sahab musurahat ki, muskurane waale ki….
    ye arms ko sameth lo ye na ho ek aandhi si aye aur aapko aur khali rakh jayeh….
    Adhura sa sapna ek jo hai aapna….bahon meh sametheh hai khaab sunehreh, har khaab meh lageh hai hazar pehre….
    Hugssssssssss na bhool na jaathi lol….chal ek smile tho deh ab see i did write something na?

  2. Sapna July 25, 2007 / 3:23 pm

     jaanthi hu my site is in a mess!!
    Ab ka karu bolo?

  3. WENDY August 3, 2007 / 3:24 am

    Good boy. You\’re so kind.
    I like little animal very much too.

  4. Jassim August 6, 2007 / 6:33 am

    tip toed my way thru ur pics on chitkul….any idea on when is a good time to hit the place ?

  5. Trouble August 8, 2007 / 10:24 am

    Isn\’t that what we call "dying a dog\’s death"? But, at least, you tried to save its life. I bet the delhiites can use that number 🙂
    How have u been? long time ho gya fir se!

  6. Sapna August 12, 2007 / 2:24 pm

     Janab Kaha???
    Ateh jateh khoobsoorat galiyon meh…

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