Its strange how easily I form bonds with strangers,
I dont know whats within me  that connects me to people…
I feel I have the power to help people
connect to themselves
make them smile and
forget the things, they think were impossible to let go.
Not with one but with many of people in my life it has been there..
I feel I have let this happen as it is..
But when I connect to them I feel the power they hold.
I feel how they fight, I feel how they survive,
I almost forget myself in that while.
By the Time they are ready to go on, I feel myself so connected
That I just wish… I wasn’t connected to them.
I am so in love with this Hate and Love relationship of myself..
It feels like..  … …
Am I doing justice to being who I am.. !!

4 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Sapna August 28, 2007 / 11:31 pm

     When   a habit becomes you then it becomes your character….and when ur character is formed with such depth then there is no space left to think of justice…as when u do justice to others their injustice is left behind to cherish…..
    When one gets connected where is the choice?
    So untamed is our heart!
    Hugsss…mereh baaton ka jawab na diya…chalo maan leti hu my blog is frozen….
    Take care n heal well….love n hugsss

  2. Sapna August 30, 2007 / 8:09 pm

     I hear you too mani….
    maana emails nahi karteh, koi karan tho hoga……and Im sure u will understand it!
    Zindagi meh when u can afford it, do the things you want to do…dont leave them….zindagi yu hi guzar jaya karti hai…why kill those moments….Dont worry half the things i write bounces over me too issues hun!
    Jo lamhe meneh guzare hai ya guzarti hu ya guzar rahi hu woh sareh yehi hai mani….
    Kuch aise likhti hu ki kabhi khud sawalon meh kho jaya karti hu….aap ka confusion jayaz hai….
    Hugssssssss n love to you………..dekho apna khayal rakhna….aur ek baar when u reach any peak….whisper to the winds…and say call sapna back to that journey which she first took when she faced her first step in life…..I went for a trek when the first time i took a major decision of life…to fly free… horizons far..never to come back!
    Love to you!

  3. sweeti's September 16, 2007 / 6:14 pm

    I know what u mean…
    i think i have same  attitude   Plz ur invited to my blog..and read my travel story  sept 6   plz
    Its been so long ive been here  Im so sorry for this delay Mani
    God bless u

  4. Sapna September 18, 2007 / 8:37 am

     Tho huzoor laut ayeh hai…..
    tereh sung sung yaadon ka mela….
    kahi andhera tho kahi sawera…
    kuch gungunata raha ek albela!
    Bikhre lamho meh sehmi ek kasak……
    jhuki palkon meh simti ek ashk…
    Jaldi aoh and land back in blog world….
    smile..n hmmm HuGGGzzz, ye lo coffee peene lagi thi….u drinkit!!! Gud morning!!

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