M – la : Two years and three Attempts

M – LaMarsimek la or Monsterous la
whatever you may call it was eventually captured by our two wheel in a matter of Two years and finally the third attempt.
Marsimek La, is unofficially the highest road in the world a bit southwards to the Khardung La which is the highest official road according to the resources. Though People say now the highest road is in brazil but I am not sure on that as yet.
Marsimek is at 18,634ft towards the way to Aksai Chin mountain ranges. The road takes you to Pamzal, which is the about another 32kms from the pass and then another 8kms from Pamzal are the hot water springs. All untouched as yet by travellers. People at ITBP(Indo Tibet Border Post), dont let you explore that region besides even to make it to the M-la is an achievement in itself.
We stood at about 14,000ft in a small village called Yoorgu, near the base ITBP, Phobrang.
The climb to Phobrang from Lukung is nothing Short of picturesque, you will simply be tempted is – the only thing I can tell you about being there in the first 12kms… it is just one amazing landscape .. You reach the Post, and then get the permission.
Gettng the permission from the post is one of the most challenging aspect even though you carry the permit.
They will tell you 10 reasons to turn back, and you just want to do those 22kms.
Somehow after all that we had the permission this year to go as the weather god supported us.
The climb is easy for next 10kms as the road suddenly takes the steep.
As we go along the road, we saw so much of natural habitat to wild kiangs, marmots, rabbits and huge Freebirds.
It was a sight to see but no camera’s are allowed since they ask you for depositing your cams at the ITBP check post.
The first climb was arduous as its like getting from one level to another higher one, its just demanding.
MY breath was getting choked each time as I had to push my bike, and it was not an easy job, each time I used to force my bike, the snow covered road took a breath out of…. 
we reached the last few 100mtrs of the La and the climb said, I wont let you come upto me… but then
at half clutch all the way to the top on the snow covered road my bike finally made it…. It was an unforgettable moment.
A small picture of God Shiva, in a small temple shape dome and a board next to the road, reading – MARSIMEK La – 18,634ft
Highest road in the world.. it pleases me…
Clicking few pictures and then, heading back to the bike – My clutch plates were burnt.
My bike wont engage into the gear at even more then half clutch – M- La took its toll,
It broke our backup vehicle rear suspension too.
I guess finally, we made to the top and all the rest of our destinations were ruled out.
The best thing is …. check the September 2006 archieve, I missed on all the other destinations
and this year I just did the M-la. Rest Hanle n Chusul still goes untouched..  😦

One thought on “M – la : Two years and three Attempts

  1. Sapna September 21, 2007 / 10:29 am

     The pics were awesum!!
    More than the journey its the feeling you get when you stand in front of a large looming mountain range….so many feelings escape which just cannot  mentioned in mere words…
    Seems you wont be at peace till you go around checking them all….
    The thrill on a bike feels something out of my books of do\’s and dont\’s in my life…Its in DO\’S!!
    DO i feel jealous??? lol na i feel….a constant thump inside me saying do the things u want to do…
    Hve a grt day mani…..

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