I Feel….

The Times just pass by and the year after another, the time just moves out of your life.
start to realize how important it is to be at a place where others can
look up to you and say yes you have moved along well with time. If you
don’t they just are at the same place looking into yourself with so
many questions with no answers. Doubting myself of my presence.

Time … seconds… minutes.. hours… weeks… months… years…. decades.. It makes it count as a life.
this life, I just was a spectator, an Actor, a brother but above all a
traveler. I made this life look bigger and happier with the things I
did. I traveled places, I met people and I heard the stories which most
of the people have not heard of. The journey never stops like a life,
you carry on and you realize thats what you did. Atleast you dont want
to die in those 5 miles of your birthplace. Definitely not something I
would want.

Being Free is my
power, meeting life is my gift and making others go through it makes me
feel alive. I love my existence…. want to join me, ask me … lets
live it large.

One thought on “I Feel….

  1. Sapna January 2, 2008 / 8:15 am

    Acha Jee…
    Tis the wings of my fate…..
    Ek tho itne lambe safar meh nikal jaateh hai aur jab lautkar ateh hai tho itne rukhe se….
    Jee jee sahab aapko bhi ….best wishes….
    ROCkiN Day!!!

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