Being in love with the series that has changed the contrast of my outlook with the present times and things around me,
I have to confess it is – Californication – Especially the character of Hank Moody has changed me to the good ol me. Something I think I really skipped on for the 2007 but oh .. this year I m gonna play Hank. The season of 12 series is over but I m much awaiting for the new one.. (Although, this will never be on the Indian TV but I thank my friend for bringing it on)

For all those who still don’t know much about the californication, I have to suggest – Beg Borrow Steal, its one mixture full of life and certainity that this rocks.
Well, about being with the chicks I don’t think theres another take on that then just play it CoooL… who knows whats around the corner. Uncertainty prevails, one has to be flexible enough to cater to himself \ herself.

Dont mess, its gonna be a new start & you may be the one who may be liking this Mr. Hank Moody ohh… YESS !!!
Bring it on

FreeBirD Moody

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