Jaisalmer & Jodhpur (1 of 4)

When the time comes, you cannot stop yourself from doing what you love the most.
Travel, Oh I m made for it and its made for me only – the way I do… I love it the most.
Wear three layers and its pretty cold outside in the morning. Carry another pair of layer and some warm home made stuffed chappattis by mom does the trick.Its December and off I go to the desert and the land of pretty unseen beauty.
Destination : Just shoot the desert and the real dunes.

Dec 21st ‘2007,  0700hrs : Leaving home to hit the new and unseen world of desert land, it was going to be another ride to get in the good books of a travel guy. I make it to start off at a good smooth pace with constant flow of 70-80kms but there was a little glitch and it scared me for the moment as the bike is about 70,000kms without any major glitches. So, I stopped and looked at the ignition cable, which was little loose so I make it fix harder and it works for me. Off I go again, into the cold weather,where it makes me feel shiver and it lasted for about first hour and then I was fine with the sun as it made the whole wide world look bright in his presence. My first halt was at a Place called KotPutli,where I asked a local guy for the direction and I head on taking a smaller route and leaving the big highway. It was about a time when the world is starting to take on the day and the kids standing on the roadside, people rushing for work but soon it all disappeared into the emptiness of long desolated roads but smooth roads.

I was so lost into the desolation of
empty smooth roads that i had almost forgotten the need of brakes, in
fact thats where i ended up messing on my control.. and I was crossing
through the small village of Neem ka Thana where
one guy crossing the road played a spoil game that he ran forward and
then stopped and then ran again making the whole thing come crashing
down into him at the braking and it wasn’t more than 30k that I went
straight into him.. Luckily the people around just picked him up and
made me just moving back again. I was thankful but the spirits were
lowered for sure and I wanted to stop – so, a little further from the
scene of action I went ahead into this small turn took a break and had
some water. Checked the damage on the bike, it was the headlight which
was inside the cowl and definitely some damage on it. I get back and
look out for the first mechanic on the way. Hardly it must have been 2
kms that i found one chap opening his shop and I was his first
customer. He opens the thing, estimates the damage and he works on it
while I transfer my pics from the CF card to the portable media. Gosh,
it was some ride. I took a cup of tea, and i decided up empty up some
of the food mom made for me. Gobi ke paranthas ..yumm and soon it was
all inside my tummy. Making me feel more refreshed.

The chap puts me back on the road in quick time… Oh yea…. it was fast.!!
The roads the views the people
There were times when I will come across the road where a camel would be eating off from the trees and the camel cart with the man sleeping on the cart and the camel just going on its own.. it was majestic views.

Soon to a place called Sikar, or rather I spelled it as Seek-er – I loved it for that small break of mine. It was nearly 2pm and I asked him if he has Juice to offer, Oh ofcourse, I took off the remaining stuffed chappatis, fresh juice and it puts me all in my refreshing mode, Its December and its making me sweat hell … my riding jacket sure was not made for these conditions but it makes me survive those hits n misses
20 minutes of a good smiles and talks – the story goes down in the book

Back on the road.. it just glides for the next hour and it still has to flow on …
NO looking back .. the roads are simply delicious to fly on.. I have never seen so smooth roads that it hasn’t made me feel bored at all.. One of the best ever rides in the books of a road traveler. It was 3.30 and I was sweating when I needed to refresh myself.. and I had sand on both sides of the road with no human or their existence for the whole sight as far as I can see.
I decided to call it off, and with no brakes on – I rode into the sand and it came into the stop by itself and without putting a stand I jump off. Ha ha haaa… the pleasure of parking my bike without a stand was a feel so good.
Time to pull out an apple, an orange & aaaa the memories of DQ
She should have a smile by now and I sat down in the sand and was big mistake, all the wild thorns were in my pants and the shoes and the gloves… offfuck i had to spend more time to pluck out those pricks than to spend being in the whole break. NO man in the sight and the three cars which crossed me were sure seeing me as crazy butt playing dirty in the sand
It was hard but soon the bike was in reserve and my heartbeats were soon soaring high, I was 40kms down and I reached the pump with no man there – this is pretty scary at first but in another 5kms i got my second fill for the day and I go tank up. Thankfully. I was saved.
The ride back to the Bikaner was just a hop away in the sun setting down, the memories in the make of remembrances I was loving it. I can almost stand in the middle of the road strip dry away my soaking wet body and get back with no one to watch… what special moments they were…

I reach Bikaner by the sunset hunting down a place and It was little easier to go by the signboards and I found the YHA, a prominent name in the book of my traveler mind. It was a hotel & a YHA Hostel but when I reached there the Guy told me he is out of room. I asked him again on a request as he is the cook & caretaker guy. He refuses me and at same time, no more suggestion too. But by the time I moved out, I met another chap leaving out of the hotel, he was on a bike, and he saw me all tired – a little smile does the trick. He goes back in talks to the owner lady & walllah – they have a dormitory But soon the lady talks to me, I adressed her Didi and she was all smiles.

Her first question !! Am I a NRI – I ofcourse was not so how can I say Yes
It was nice small talk but to say the least, in the end – There was even a Room for me and The room had a TV, Hot water & a comfy bed. It was time to call back home. I give up the bike and take the walking way and decide to walk for few kms. My Butt & legs need to actively restrain my blood nerves. So I walk around asking for the Phone booth, Aaahh the first response was so friendly.. I almost could forget the feeling of being a strangers land. No ways I can feel its strange. The guy was a security guard but he was none the less short of being a Travel guide. Wohooo !! It rocks … Who dares need a Travel book !! I am willing to write one of my own where one doesnt needs a book to guide them.
He provides me the location to reach the phone booth in the end with all the comfort feel.

I call back home & All is well – everyone back home is good.. they are at peace..  Mani is all fine – Always a worry for them if they dont hear from me.
& the Phone booth owner must be at the age of my Grandfather who told me stuff, no one can read in books but can only tell you have you been in that city. I was made adamant to visit the temple next morning, The Deshnok Temple or the famous Rat temple. 33kms away. The plan for next day is all set inside my head. I want to thank him and his lady who were there to talk a wonderful world out and share the life which is how the Rajasthan really is. It was sure inspiring to spend more time, but thats how I travel all time. The time is just a part of the usual equation.

I grab the pack of biscuits & a long walk back to the room. Back at the hotel, the same chap who refused me for the stay offered me to welcome again and it was all smiles we got quite pally and I awaited for him to get the dinner ready while I got busy with the clicking of few wonderful quotes from the magazines.

Soon, the dinner was ready for the serving and I was just… eating out my fingers…. delicious.. I love this Naanu Singh from Rajasthan..
He won all my respect for what he makes… with a glass of hot milk in the end. It was good to send me off to the sleep nicely.

THe new day awaits with half a thousand pics clicked, I captured each moment… every single thing…

Shall Continue this in the next series  (1 of 4)


One thought on “Jaisalmer & Jodhpur (1 of 4)

  1. Sapna January 4, 2008 / 10:24 am

    Ohhhhh! Kinna shrafat …Rani Sahiba hmmm!!!
    Yu maloom hota hai each time you are the first customer for any garage opening that way….
    Jee sahab….abhi tho apni dhoon meh bache ko bike maara….kisi din yu hi kho jaogeh…we need you here…yu bhi na kiya karo…
    Oh! Oranges apples humri yaad dilave hai lool acha jee….ye na maloom tha zindagi ki aisi raftar meh hum bhi kahi shamil hai….
    Thank You dear…aapna khayal rakhna….and please do take care!!

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