Look into yourself and Look back into yourself five years back
I guess – we all have given up to the comforts of life. Let it be anything, all has seen a drastic change at one simple cost, which is us.
Once upon a time, I used to wake up to the glass of water, with Neem as instant flavour in my mouth and simple fresh air to explore into. Those are all gone to the life we live today. Moreover the change is so crude that time makes us lose all our identity. Today, with life and priorities stepping on, I m bound to work regardles its day or night, the shift of human body has deteriorated from a usual routine to being awake up to the late nights, working on the screen for hours or even say 14-18hrs a day may seem a little less to speak of but is the fact. The human eyes are gone to the very brink of red nerves showing up instead of white in an 15yrs old kid. Have we lost our basics of human life. Are we just living towards the change of machine life ?
Can you ask this to yourself, Has money just made this life all mechanical to the process of living it in the streamlines of its flow.
Are you just – just the same you, you have been 5 years back !! Let it be health and your body only…
Come’on everyone asks you – 5 years in future, look back 5 years from now in the past, have you not lost that charm n glory of your most precious jewels in the making of five year future plans always.Cant you just look up at you right now, and in your present and in the past for what all has been lost and all that gained. Does this exchange of the gain and loss simply make you happy !! ?
May be you just point at this "Lifestyle" phenomenon for real !! Change is eventual, so are we and we are perishable.

One thought on “Lifestyles

  1. Sreedevy April 5, 2008 / 2:45 pm

    Change goes hand in hand with the things that we learn each day.The brain,our thoughts, makes us change.Nice to read this. Takecare.

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