Test Time Trial – Best

250kms in 3hrs18mins Flat Out !!

With a small plan … and in rain we started
first 200kms in rain .. it was a pure pain with only my boots getting half a bucket water in them rest all dry
& after that the friends bike calling it quits
it was a long day
Hunger, finally with 11hrs empty stomach
eating pizza’s and coke in Chandigarh..

Ken, da !! Excuse you.. but I will remember the pizza’s
Aaj ke baad pizza chandigarh hi khaane chalenge but aapki Superbike pe not on this desi bike…

On the way back, holding on to the nerves
I kept myself in rhythm
ride … 100 …110 ..120..125
waah.. the bike does magic and i touch the best time of my life.
MY Fastest time .. 250kms – 3hrs 18mins. – 5th Apr 2008 – Karizma – Av. speed – 78.6km/hr – top speed – 126km/hr

Damn… what will happen if i get a bigger bike… i will nuke the planes on the land

Why demand a time machine when you can get better options, ask me

Thank You Vivek Sir for keeping that faith and getting the bike over to me.
Anyday ZMA has the best power, regardless you call it less powered as compared to the P220, but Deees is da bike … 

2 thoughts on “Test Time Trial – Best

  1. Sapna April 15, 2008 / 2:48 pm

    Izzat leni ayi tho di jaathi hai huzoor….
    Aapka haq tha….
    haa baas behne ki tayari hai…dkeho hawa kaha le jaaye…pankh khul raheh hai….hawa ke sang jhoom raheh hai….
    Aapna khayal rakhna Mani…
    Have a lovely day dear…

  2. Elle April 15, 2008 / 4:18 pm

    Hello there!Just passing by from Destiny Queen\’s space and I think your space is so wonderful! I love all the thoughts and feelings here.I love riding bikes as well lol, and I really like what you said "Why demand a time machine when you can get better options?" Well, for me I don\’t think I need a time machine cos I never regret everything I did because I learned a lot from them, what about you?x0x0xElle

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