The patience in a man can turn him Grey and old. The Time can turn a man into dust but nothing remains forever.

Then this Rat race… What are you trying to prove to the world ? You
may be smart or you may be richer but in the end all that counts is…
how much you really lived ?

Did you just make it to the top with bank balance in loads and bundles
or you lived it with nothing in hand but more with the smiles and
moments to enrich your old memories with.

Choosing happiness or richness is a vivid contrast, I decided to live
my life being happy but the world doesnt lets me live happy. So I am
forced to choose upon the second one now. !! I hate this world and its
people. They are mere followers of rat race making others succumb.

From Birth to death – They never live and they see cuz they choose to
be dead and blind. But the rest who choose to be free are often blinded
by the other blinds. Hate me not but this is how life is.

A tribute to the people of this country who have nothing but still live happy. They inspire me more than the
"Brown Bread" people.

"Today is the day I die/ I m not me anymore"FreeBirD

3 thoughts on “Wait

  1. Sapna April 18, 2008 / 10:55 am

    The soul is always free….none can kill it….
    You will realise brown bread people…are more into choice of happiness than money….
    The way each person will smile and make u smile will make you feel…taht wish india too could do the same…
    You will see colours of both worlds in different hues….
    You cant die yet mani…
    Thy journey has just begun with a new end…. new beginning….
    open thy arms and

  2. Sapna April 18, 2008 / 10:57 am

    India mein hugs has meaning it means more of a relationship between two…
    out there hugs is a waay of expressing happiness!!

  3. Sapna April 18, 2008 / 10:58 am

    Not just happiness…but
    A human touch!

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