Preparing for A Ride..

heat with 40C its hard to beat the heat. Its worth a ride to add to the
miles which have been already done and I m preparing myself for the
ultimate challenge. This time its not my own wish but I bound with the
limitations for no breaks and no stops.

stretch has not been done by me before but I m sure its one of the best
roads to crack the record of all the times clocked by many people on
the stretch. Being safe is the another concern, I am to keep the
adrenalin flowing once I m on the saddle till the end once I get down
from it. The secret behind the real ride lies behind the curtains till
its accomplished and achieved. My best rides have lasted upto 31hrs /24
hrs / 23hrs and still the body and the bike align to the rhyme of ride.

The details follows soon, keep checking the space for more. Heres how it shall fall…
Coming back soon with details…

One thought on “Preparing for A Ride..

  1. Loreto May 2, 2008 / 9:28 am

    Good lucky in this new challenger!!!, i wish you can tell us news about this ride …take care

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