After all this while, the life has come to give me what I have been thinking and asking for all this while. A change in life has come to show me a new beginning, a change that has everything to learn from it. Life in all has meaning to everything that happens around you, everything has a small but bigger impact inside you. I leave my home and my people and into the new land with new faces and new cultures. The learning that has to come is endless, there is nothing stopping me here.
It was a call from work that got me moving into this new place. It has been a month and almost three weeks that I adjust myself to this new environment and see the up and down moving into a western civilization embeded with the multiple faceted lives of people. Nothing compared to what we have. Or Possibly even we have it but its more hidden and such people are not so easily distinguishable. Down with these feelings of how the world really works, its a learning. Naive, into the polished world of smart dual faceted lifes. I endure to face it all but still that some of the best people still around life is easier better and more reliable.
Being an Asian in this place certainly makes u stand apart from the rest due to your appearance but such a thing is easily seen anywhere else, or shall we say any foreigner in India can also be easily distuingished. But the point here is, how much different. You still treat a foreigner in your country much more or less the same as any other strange indian. Its the whole point. The first thing that chills you is the silence when you step out of the airport. Back into your room or home, the silence is the killer. The first evening, you find that there are no horns honking around you and the world is suddenly quiet. The next morning when you walk out of your home you find that faces around you dont look up and walk. They have their eyes down looking into their feet and the world for you appears all together a different place. No one can bother anymore about how you appear or what you wear. No one would want to wonder whether what you do or not, but simply stay like nothing around them is theirs. Simple to some but at first a little strange. The adaption to such a place needs time. As a visitor you may not complain but if your stay is like for years you will simply not like to complain but to understand and adjust to it. I like for a fact that such a place demands a lot out of you to accept and not complain.
The journey moves further and the life becomes a battlefield. At work the people are nice and friendlier but the best enemy would be your next desk colleague who you may mistake as a friend but he will be interested in your new life like anything anyone else have asked you about. There is a bigger picture which you will never know but since he is the same indian desi – he will get back to the same way the mean ones would do. Get to your basics and start killing u from there. The heart gets the pain and the pain is in the form of how people (especially – someone from your own part of the world) get to start draining you. The world is a battlefield with a small unknown battle which you realize late that people become insecure and afraid from you. Each word you say in their language – becomes a 10 word answer to their ears.
Along comes another face of life, from the networking sites of the glorious world, I met this nice friend who not only just offered the support but love and affection and if there was a hidden fact to it, I do not know but the time was to answer all the things. Few meetings and things went too fast and with the pace that looking back becomes a visual challenge. Facing it again is a wonderful part and not letting it go another but where am i being taken into, is the Question : To me the meaning is to share but I value rather a bigger aspect of it – A friendship that is more valuable and stepping back can be really daunting but is needed and has to be accepted by life. The new change is evident but its all a part of learning. I learn and share and live it. I live with it and I cannot complain for what I get.

3 thoughts on “London

  1. Sapna August 8, 2008 / 7:22 pm

    Kyu janab…
    Hu na mei yehi…
    badal tho aap sahab gaye hai…
    ab kya kahein bareh aadmi ho gaye uk ja ke…Grrrh! koi khabar hi nahi
    mew meww ka hoing?
    Miaoow miaooow

  2. Sapna September 4, 2008 / 12:15 am

    Cherry ke maamu
    maama jaan kaha hai aajkal?
    jaanthi hu eh heh!!

  3. Unknown September 17, 2008 / 9:43 pm

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