Chapter 1 : Fear

Chapter : 1 – Fear
To begin with life, we all have to begin with ourselves. We all belong to the existence of this world where each and every factor count towards good and evil of life. One Step forward and ten steps down or the other way around. Life means challenges and challenges to a stronger extent of living. Counting on with life, I followed the new road not knowing where it leads me – it was all happy in the beginning – and the real life started – the time kicked in its adversities and struggle begin.
This is when the Fear was imbibed within the soul of FreeBirD.  The Person who did not believe in any evils was captured by the strongest evil of all, with a surprise. The evil called F.e.a.r has stepped in with the other factors. Some led by the people surrounding him and some by the existing factors. I wish I could have had a strong power to overcome this evil but I tumbled upon the fact and resented the life with the Fear.
After so many months of changing faces, one evil joins the other and creates the Havoc. Now its not the Havoc nor the Fear that overthrows me but all I am going to tell you is – Fear is an inner sense – Some want it to be there to hamper the happiness of the other one and some create it to prove the power of themselves. Some Do what others cannot even accomplish and some who have the power to accomplish never finish due the fact called Fear. So what is this – when we are feared by others ?
Fear – shapes inside us
Takes a bigger form when we succumbs to our own thoughts
one positive and there will be ten negatives around it.
One Step to proceed and ten small ones walk along with it.
when you see it grow, it only grows bigger.
Its easier to see it and realise.
Harder to challenge and overcome it.
Challenging it – you invite yourself to face the fear.
A bit more than mere challenge if you are weak and the support is not there.
You can become super weak and the life will be harder to accomplish your own existence.
Dont let the fear imbibe your existence, keep to yourself, create your own life with friends you can believe in, re-build yourself and start growing again.

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