When we are all out of time and Life is busy to identify what is of importance and what is not, it simply is the time to ask yourself !!
It is time enough to ask few questions to yourself ? Are you simply ready for your own challenges ? Are you ready to be strong within yourself to accept ?
Not Easy and not simple but a lot of times, we know that all answers lie within ourselves.
I dont sell my words and I dont make a living out of sharing them to a world, I simply express myself and if it helps others as well, then I am happy to accept that I am serving more than a simple purpose of existence.
Somewhere along the life, I was taught few simple facts of life, know what you are doing – ask yourself of your own doings ?
Are you going the way you want to – in your life, if not stop and still think again, is there any happiness in your own doings?
How content are you with your own life to satisfy your ownself ?
And as I grew old thinking about those questions, I realised – all these things allign towards one direction : Streamline your life.
We dont always get what we want but if we try sometimes, we do get what we want.
Slow yet longer and more painful it may sound but Yes, dont give up… The path along the road is not straight and never smooth.
The Struggle is to begin, I may be just at the beginning my life or just on the door of leaving my own comfort but thats what will challenge me. Make me succumb and stand again. To say it simply, we need time to understand life – we may not know which direction we are going always but I answered that already (in the first fact of life, taught to me). Acceptance to see yourself is the way to achieve a lot. One who has the power to see the depth inside himself has the stronghold of going on with life, although how weak he or she may look but the determination is not due to the strength of your muscles but of your own thoughts. Face life, in the fears to come out of them – one should realise like an adventure ride, there is once a fear and then you eventually come out of it, or unless you just puke and feel – it was not worth it. Still you did go through that ride of rollercoaster… or facing fear.. you dont die still..
To see the life go on, one must trust oneself – the world is not a place for you to trust others. Trust yourself and the one you should trust shall be the one who is yours and none other. Fundamentally, you have to grow to the fact of leaving the trust apart from your own family, rather own family sometimes becomes too harsh and one you need to trust is the one which is yours. Now how you define this yours is all on your own. Friends may stay friends but trust is something that freindship holds only till you are in late teens or in your early twenties. You eventually come out of this shell to call yourself and find answers about this.
What I am simply talking is – Life is a chance of your own choice. We can skip somethings but we cannot miss or close our eyes forever !
You may agree on it – you may simply not ! That is what I say : Life is yours and you should choose – dont let my words get to you but if they do, they talk of what you should and not only I should. Lets make it easier to survive whether its you or me.. People around us are not – who they seem to be always.
Thats why I say – S t r e a m l i ne.

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