Small Step …

Life Story
Chapter 2 – Small Steps
Sometimes we dont know what will be the outcome of the small things put together. They may be just keep us together but what happens is, with time these small things grow just like a small child. Makes you stronger and plunge into the bigger world out there waiting for you. Its always good to have yourself running on small things that can take you into places. World is not small but small things are stronger than the wider horizon. You will only search for yourself when you look at wide picture, so why not gather yourself together and keep yourself together on what you may need than simply losing the direction looking at the horizon.
Horizons are unlimited but directions should not be lost. Follow your dream and start your life, small it shall be – enact on your own senses and see if it all comes back to you one day. The thing that you love, truly – is yours and it shall reap on you if you loved it and not just left it. They do say the kid in you is the power but hide that kid from the world and the world shall not see it except you and you.
Riding everywhere where a FreeBirD can….. its a RidingFreeBirD soon.
Let the small things be together, they form a big team.
For my own kid inside : Bugger.. stay alive.

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